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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 June 2020Office Chit-Chat as a Social Ritual: The Uplifting Yet Distracting Effects of Daily Small Talk at Work  Methot, JR; Rosado-Solomon, EH; Downes, P; et al.
    1 February 2017On the attitudinal consequences of being mindful: Links between mindfulness and attitudinal ambivalence  Haddock, G; Foad, C; Windsor-Shellard, B; et al.
    20 June 2019One of us … and us … and us: Evidence that leaders’ multiple identity prototypicality (LMIP) is related to their perceived effectiveness  Steffens, NK; Peters, K; Haslam, SA; et al.
    1 October 2011Ontological Shift or Ontological Drift? Reality Claims, Epistemological Frameworks, and Theory Generation in Organization Studies  Thompson, M
    2011Open collective innovation  Bessant, John; Möslein, Kathrin
    14 June 2015Open for business: universities, entrepreneurial academics and open innovation  Alexander, Allen Thomas; Miller, Kristel; Fielding, Sean
    2012Opening up healthcare innovation: Innovation solutions for a 21st century healthcare system  Bessant, John; Künne, Christoph; Möslein, Kathrin
    2011Operationalising and managing variety  Maull, Roger S.; Godsiff, Philip
    21 July 2018Opportunities for redistributed manufacturing and digital intelligence as enablers of a circular economy  Moreno, M; Court, R; Wright, M; et al.
    1 July 2017Opt-in or opt-out: exploring how women construe their ambition at early career stages  Sealy, R; Harman, C
    9 September 2019Optimal package pricing in healthcare services  Tanwar, T; Kumar, D; Mustafee, N
    7 March 2019Organizational Controls, Social Ties and Performance in Plural Sourcing  Oshri, I; Lioliou, E; Gerbasi, AM; et al.
    2012Organizational inscriptions of network pictures: a meso-level analysis  Öberg, Christina; Henneberg, Stephan C.; Mouzas, Stefanos
    5 July 2018Organizing the environmental governance of the rare-earth industry: China's passive revolution  Boehm, SG; Bo, L; Reynolds, N-S
    2010Outcome-based contract performance and value co-production in B2B maintenance and repair service  Ng, Irene C. L.; Ding, Xin
    1 December 2009Outcome-based contracts as a driver for systems thinking and service-dominant logic in service science: evidence from the defence industry  Ng, Irene C. L.; Maull, Roger S.; Yip, Nick