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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2009Radical innovation: making the right bets  Bessant, John; Möslein, Kathrin; Neyer, Anne-Katrin; et al.
    25 February 2019REBUILD: Regenerative Buildings and construction systems for a circular economy  Ajayabi, A; Chen, H-M; Zhou, K; et al.
    18 July 2018Recovery and Re-Use of Structural Products from End of Life Buildings  Hopkinson, P; Chen, H-M; Zhou, K; et al.
    1 February 2010Redefining risk research priorities for nanomaterials  Grieger, Khara D.; Baun, Anders; Owen, Richard
    2009Reflections on the introduction of Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom and Goods and Services Tax in New Zealand  James, Simon; Alley, Clinton
    15 December 2015Regional clustering through internet networks: the case of web-enabled entrepreneurial cluster in China  Li, B
    2011Regulating the supermarket in 1960s Britain: exploring the changing relationship of food manufacturers and retailers through the Cadbury archive  Bailey, Adrian R.
    1 April 2008Regulating UK supermarkets: an oral-history perspective  Hamlett, Jane; Alexander, Andrew; Bailey, Adrian R.; et al.
    2008Regulatory environments and the location decision: evidence from the early foreign market entries of new-technology-based firms  Murray, Gordon; Coeurderoy, Régis
    8 May 2018Relational and Contractual Governance for Innovation  Oshri, I; Kotlarsky, J; Gerbasi, A
    15 November 2017Relocation to get venture capital : a resource dependence perspective  De Prijcker, S; Manigart, S; Collewaert, V; et al.
    1 December 2012Renewable energy for rural areas of Bolivia  Pansera, Mario
    7 March 2018Reply to Tagliabue  Pearce, W; Hartley, S; Helliwell, R; et al.
    20 January 2019Response to viewpoint: whither problem structuring methods (PSMs)?  Lowe, D; Yearworth, M
    2011Responsibilities, recession and the tourism sector: perspectives on CSR among low-fares airlines during the economic downturn in the United Kingdom  Coles, Tim; Fenclova, Emily; Dinan, Claire
    1 September 2017Responsibility and Laboratory Animal Research Governance  Hartley, S; McLeod, C
    18 May 2017Responsible innovation and political accountability: genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil  de Campos, A; Hartley, SA; de Koning, C; et al.
    24 November 2017Responsible Innovation in Healthcare - the case of health information TV  Bessant, J; Alexander, AT; Wynne, D; et al.
    2008Retail innovation and shopping practices: consumers' reaction to self-service retailing  Alexander, Andrew; Phillips, Simon; Shaw, Gareth
    24 April 2015Revealing Intersectional Dynamics in Organizations: Introducing ‘Intersectional Identity Work’  Atewologun, D; Sealy, R; Vinnicombe, S