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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 October 2012Web 2.0 and micro‐businesses: an exploratory investigation  Barnes, D; Clear, F; Dyerson, R; et al.
    3 February 2018What can the brand manager expect from Facebook?  Stern, P; Sitta, D; Faulkner, M
    2010What happened with the grandiose plans? Strategic plans and network realities in B2B interaction  Öberg, Christina
    1 July 2004What is Leadership?  Bolden, Richard
    1 October 2016What is organizational history? Toward a creative synthesis of history and organization studies  Godfrey, PC; Hassard, J; OConnor, ES; et al.
    21 May 2015What we know, don’t know, and should know about confusion marketing  Kasabov, E
    19 October 2016When an initiative promises more than it delivers: a multi-actor perspective of rural entrepreneurship difficulties and failure in Thailand  Kasabov, E
    2 March 2018When empowering employees works, and when it doesn’t  Lee, AJR; Willis, S; Tian, A
    1 January 2009Where has everyone gone? Re-integrating people into accounts of organisational practice (working paper)  Thompson, M
    4 September 2009Where has everyone gone? Re-integrating people into accounts of organizational practice  Thompson, M
    2 November 2017Why are NGOs sceptical of genome editing?  Helliwell, R; Hartley, S; Pearce, W; et al.
    15 February 2018Why so serious? Theorising playful model-driven group decision support with situated affectivity  Burger, K; White, L; Yearworth, M
    21 December 2016Widening requirements capture with soft methods: an investigation of hybrid M&S studies in health care  Powell, JH; Mustafee, N
    11 January 2015Wisdom and the tragic question: Moral learning and emotional perception in leadership and organizations  Nayak, Ajit
    7 June 2009Women Directors on Corporate Boards: A Review and Research Agenda  Terjesen, S; Sealy, R; Singh, V
    31 October 2017Women in power: Contributing factors that impact on women in organizations and politics; psychological research and bets practice  McLaughlin, H; Silvester, J; Bilimoria, D; et al.
    1 July 2017Women's leadership ambition in early careers  Sealy, R; Harman, C