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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 September 2013A bi-objective weighted model for improving the discrimination power in MCDEA  Ghasemi, MR; Ignatius, J; Emrouznejad, A
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    2021Book review: Maternal optimism: Forging positive paths through work and motherhood, by J. Ladge and D. Greenberg. Oxford University Press, 2019  Gloor, J
    19 June 2019Book review: Organizational Space and Beyond: The Significance of Henri Lefebvre for Organization Studies  Manolchev, CN
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    19 September 2019The British house magazine 1945 to 2015: The creation of family, organisation and markets  Heller, M; Rowlinson, M
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    4 February 2021Building internal reputation from organisational values  Harvey, WS; Osman, S; Tourky, M
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