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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 September 2015Destructive de-energizing relationships: How thriving buffers their effect on performance.  Gerbasi, A; Porath, CL; Parker, A; et al.
    1 September 2015The Effects of Civility on Advice, Leadership, and Performance  Porath, CL; Gerbasi, A; Schorch, SL
    6 April 2013The effects of de-energizing ties in organizations and how to manage them  Parker, A; Gerbasi, A; Porath, CL
    27 January 2016Energy's role in the extraversion (dis)advantage: How energy ties and task conflict help clarify the relationship between extraversion and proactive performance  Cullen-Lester, KL; Leroy, H; Gerbasi, A; et al.
    14 January 2020Functional Leadership in Interteam Contexts: Understanding ‘What’ in the Context of Why? Where? When? and Who?  Carter, D; Gerbasi, A; Cullen-Lester, K; et al.
    1 May 2016The impact of energizing interactions on voluntary and involuntary turnover  Parker, A; Gerbasi, A
    27 February 2018Leadership behavior and employee well-being: An integrated review and a future research agenda  Inceoglu, I; Thomas, G; Chu, C; et al.
    1 April 2016Predicting leadership relationships: the importance of collective identity  Chrobot-Mason, D; Gerbasi, A; Cullen-Lester, KL
    8 May 2018Relational and Contractual Governance for Innovation  Oshri, I; Kotlarsky, J; Gerbasi, A
    18 May 2017Sourcing in or out: Implications for social capital and knowledge sharing  Zimmermann, A; Oshri, I; Lioliou, E; et al.
    18 August 2015Strategic innovation through outsourcing: The role of relational and contractual governance  Oshri, I; Kotlarsky, J; Gerbasi, A
    17 February 2015Thriving in Central Network Positions  Cullen, KL; Gerbasi, A; Chrobot-Mason, D