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  • Brand culture: trade marks, marketing and consumption 

    Schroeder, Jonathan (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
  • Business corruption: cheating the system or using opportunities? 

    Porkess, Katie; Schroeder, Jonathan (University of Exeter Business School, 2010)
    Corrupt behaviour in organisations involves individuals or groups of people behaving in ways that are outside usually accepted norms for the organisation and/or society at large. This may include influencing or coercing ...
  • Disney: delights and doubts 

    Dholakia, Nikhilesh; Schroeder, Jonathan (University of Western Australia Business School, 2001)
    Disney and its spectacularly successful theme parks are analyzed through the lens of its consumers. We focus on how Disney manages the consumption experience and discuss Disney strategies from several perspectives. Disney ...
  • An ethics of representation for international marketing 

    Schroeder, Jonathan; Borgerson, Janet L. (Emerald, 2005)
    This paper offers an ethical analysis of visual representation that provides criteria for and sheds light on the appropriateness dimension of marketing communications. It provides a theoretically informed framework for ...
  • Packaging paradise: organizing representations of Hawaii 

    Schroeder, Jonathan; Borgerson, Janet L. (University of Exeter, 2005)
  • Snapshot Aesthetics as a Strategic Resource 

    Schroeder, Jonathan (University of Exeter, 2008-06)
    The snapshot, a straightforward, generally unposed photograph of everyday life, has emerged as an important style in contemporary strategic communication. Many recent ads portray models in classic snapshot poses – out of ...
  • Visual consumption 

    Schroeder, Jonathan (Blackwell, 2007)
    Visual images constitute much corporate communication about products, economic performance, and social responsibility, and also inform governmental efforts to create positive attitudes for citizens, consumers, and ...