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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 July 2019Analysing heuristic subsequences for offline hyper-heuristic learning  Yates, W; Keedwell, EC
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    20 July 2016Enabling dominance resistance in visualisable distance-based many-objective problems  Fieldsend, Jonathan E.
    2013How clumpy is my image? Evaluating crowdsourced annotation tasks  Hutt, H; Everson, R; Grant, M; et al.
    27 February 2015Impact of different cloud deployments on real-time video applications for mobile cloud users  Khan, A; Wang, Q; Luo, C; et al.
    11 June 2018An improved method for mobility prediction using a Markov model and density estimation  Menz, L; Herberth, R; Luo, C; et al.
    2012The Ontology of States, Processes, and Events  Galton, AP
    18 May 2016Performance evaluation of information-centric networking for multimedia services  Wang, H; Min, G; Hu, J; et al.
    28 March 2019Program trace optimization with constructive heuristics for combinatorial problems  McDermott, J; Moraglio, A
    1 December 2012A scalable genome representation for neural-symbolic networks  Townsend, J; Galton, A; Keedwell, E
    1 June 2014Sign Spotting using Hierarchical Sequential Patterns with Temporal Intervals  Ong, EJ; Koller, O; Pugeault, N; et al.
    2012States, Processes and Events, and the Ontology of Causal Relations  Galton, AP
    13 July 2019Visualising the Landscape of Multi-Objective Problems using Local Optima Networks  Fieldsend, JE; Alyahya, K