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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 September 2013The influence of load history on synthetic rope response  Weller, S; Davies, P; Johanning, L
    22 August 2017The Influence of Metakaolin from Saaba (Burkina Faso) over Physico-Mechanical and Durability Properties of Mortars  Ntimugura, F; Sore, SO; Bello, L; et al.
    16 November 2015Influence of spectrum and latitude on the annual optical performance of a dielectric based BICPV system  Baig, Hasan; Fernandez, Eduardo F.; Mallick, Tapas K.
    10 July 2018Influence of surface anisotropy on exchange resonance modes in spherical shells  McKeever, C; Ogrin, F; Aziz, M
    1 June 2017Influence of synthesis parameters on amorphous manganese dioxide catalyst electrocatalytic performance  Li, X; Loh, A; Xu, K; et al.
    1 November 2014The influence of the existing network layout on water distribution system redesign analysis  Tricarico, Carla; Morley, Mark S.; Gargano, R.; et al.
    29 June 2015Inkjet printed TiO2 nanoparticles from aqueous solutions for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)  Cherrington, Ruth; Hughes, Darren J.; Senthilarasu, Sundaram; et al.
    1 January 2008Inlet conditions for large eddy simulation of gas-turbine swirl injectors  Baba-Ahmadi, M.H.; Tabor, Gavin
    1 January 2009Inlet conditions for LES using mapping and feedback control  Baba-Ahmadi, M.H.; Tabor, Gavin
    1 January 1997Innovative instrumentation to study the behaviour of a high-rise building  Pan, Tso-Chien; Brownjohn, James
    16 February 2018Innovative network pricing to support the transition to a smart grid in a low-carbon economy  Faerber, L; Balta-Ozkan, N; Connor, PM
    21 December 2018Inspection of Computed Tomography (CT) Data and Finite Element (FE) Simulation of Additive Manufactured (AM) Components  Agarwal, Y; Genc, K; Williams, T; et al.
    8 August 2018Integral sliding mode fault tolerant control allocation for a class of affine nonlinear system  Chen, L; Edwards, C; Alwi, H
    21 September 2015Integrated all-photonic non-volatile multi-level memory  Rios, Carlos; Stegmaier, Matthias; Hosseini, Peiman; et al.
    3 October 2016An integrated and multi-purpose microscope for the characterization of atomically thin optoelectronic devices  Russo, S; De Sanctis, A; Jones, GF; et al.
    20 June 2017An integrated data management approach for offshore wind turbine failure root cause analysis  Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos, A; Dawood, T; Thies, PR
    1 January 2012Integrated Decision Support Framework  Morley, Mark S.; Kapelan, Zoran; Savic, Dragan
    11 June 2015An Integrated Environmental Assessment of Green and Gray Infrastructure Strategies for Robust Decision Making  Casal-Campos, Arturo; Fu, Guangtao; Butler, David; et al.
    4 June 2018An integrated framework for high-resolution urban flood modelling considering multiple information sources and urban features  Wang, Y; Chen, A; Fu, G; et al.
    11 April 2018Integrated intelligent water-energy metering systems and informatics: Visioning a digital multi-utility service provider  Stewart, RA; Nguyen, K; Beal, C; et al.