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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 August 2018MOF Derived Porous ZnO/C Nanocomposites for Efficient Dye Photodegradation  Hussain, MZ; Schneemann, A; Fischer, RA; et al.
    18 February 2021Multifunctional porous SiC nanowire scaffolds  Chen, Y; Ola, O; Liu, G; et al.
    13 July 2017Novel graphitic carbon coated IF-WS2 reinforced Poly (ether ether ketone) nanocomposites  Wang, N; Yang, Z; Thummavichai, K; et al.
    19 November 2019Polyoxometallates@zeolitic-imidazolate-framework derived bimetallic tungsten-cobalt sulfide/porous carbon nanocomposites as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution  Huang, Z; Yang, Z; Hussain, Z; et al.
    4 February 2019Porous ZnO/Carbon nanocomposites derived from metal organic frameworks for highly efficient photocatalytic applications - A correlational study  Hussain, MZ; Pawar, GS; Huang, Z; et al.
    24 May 2021Recent Advances in Metal–Organic Frameworks Derived Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Applications in Energy and Environment  Hussain, MZ; Yang, Z; Huang, Z; et al.
    4 September 2020Surface functionalized N-C-TiO2/C nanocomposites derived from metal-organic framework in water vapour for enhanced photocatalytic H2 generation  Hussain, MZ; Yang, Z; van der Linden, B; et al.
    24 March 2017Tracing the Bioavailability of Three-Dimensional Graphene Foam in Biological Tissues  Tabish, TA; Chabi, S; Ali, M; et al.
    1 January 2015Transverse temperature difference of steel girder in a long-span suspension bridge  Xia, Y; Zhou, LR; Brownjohn, JMW; et al.
    1 August 2019Ultralight three-dimensional, carbon-based nanocomposites for thermal energy storage  Ola, O; Chen, Y; Niu, Q; et al.