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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 August 2020An active preventive maintenance approach of complex equipment based on a novel product-service system operation mode  Wang, N; Ren, S; Liu, Y; et al.
    1 September 2016An adaptable parallel algorithm for the direct numerical simulation of incompressible turbulent flows using a Fourier spectral/ hp element method and MPI virtual topologies  Bolis, A; Cantwell, CD; Moxey, D; et al.
    27 August 2017Adapting Conventional Tools to Analyse Ducted and Open Centre Tidal Stream Turbines  Allsop, S; Peyrard, C; Bousseau, P; et al.
    6 November 2015Adaptive continuous higher order sliding mode control  Edwards, Christopher; Shtessel, Yuri
    27 April 2016Adaptive Dual Layer Super-Twisting Control and Observation  Edwards, C; Yuri Shtessel, YS
    8 July 2013Adaptive flood risk management under climate change uncertainty using real options and optimization  Woodward, Michelle; Kapelan, Zoran; Gouldby, Ben
    2014Adaptive Locally Constrained Genetic Algorithm For Least-Cost Water Distribution Network Design  Johns, Matthew B.; Keedwell, Edward; Savic, Dragan
    15 November 2017Adaptive Maximum Power Point Finding Using Direct VOC/2 Tracking Method with Microwatt Power Consumption for Energy Harvesting  Chew, ZJ; Zhu, M
    16 February 2015An adaptive non-raster scanning method in atomic force microscopy for simple sample shapes  Zhang, K; Hatano, T; Tien, T; et al.
    1 August 2015Adaptive repetitive control with feedforward scheme for grid-connected inverters  Abusara, M; Sharkh, S; Zanchetta, P
    9 April 2019Adaptive Self-configurable Rectifier for Extended Operating Range of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting  Chew, ZJ; Zhu, M
    2013An adaptive sliding mode differentiator for actuator oscillatory failure case reconstruction  Alwi, Halim; Edwards, Christopher
    26 December 2015Adaptive sliding mode observation in a network of dynamical systems  Prathyush, P. Menon; Edwards, Christopher; Shtessel, Yuri
    1 October 2014Adaptive water demand forecasting for near real-time management of smart water distribution systems  Romano, Michele; Kapelan, Zoran
    11 September 2013ADCP 5Beam  Vickers, Andrew
    11 September 2013ADCP-SWMTF  Parish, D
    3 November 2017Additive manufacture of PEEK cranial implants: Manufacturing considerations versus accuracy and mechanical performance  Berretta, S; Evans, KE; Ghita, OR
    23 July 2013Additive manufacturing: A framework for implementation  Mellor, S; Hao, L; Zhang, D
    12 June 2018Advanced Fourier-based Model of Bouncing Loads  Racic, V; Chen, J; Pavic, A
    22 October 2013Advanced lightweight 316L stainless steel cellular lattice structures fabricated via selective laser melting  Yan, C; Hao, L; Hussein, A; et al.