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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 May 2004Effect of relative amplitude on bridge deck flutter  Zhang, X; Brownjohn, James
    27 May 2013Effect of sensory stimuli on dynamic loading induced by people bouncing  Racic, V; Brownjohn, JMW; Wang, S; et al.
    2015Effect of solar radiation on suspension bridge performance  Westgate, Robert; Koo, Ki-Young; Brownjohn, James
    11 April 2016Effect of thermal history on the properties of bentonite  Estabragh, AR; Khosravi, F; Javadi, AA
    1 September 2020Effect of two organic chemical fluids on the mechanical properties of an expansive clay soil  Estabragh, AR; Afsari, E; Javadi, AA; et al.
    14 May 2014Effect of vehicular loading on suspension bridge dynamic properties  Westgate, Robert; Koo, Ki-Young; Brownjohn, James
    12 September 2017Effect of Walking people on Dynamic Properties of Floors  Mohammed, A; Pavic, A
    1 January 2014Effects of carbon content and grain orientation on the crack growth behaviour in magnesia-carbon refractory bricks  Hino, Y; Zhang, S
    24 February 2006Effects of infill walls and floor diaphragms on the dynamic characteristics of a narrow-rectangle building  Pan, Tso-Chien; You, X; Brownjohn, James
    1 December 2014Effects of interface delay in real-time dynamic substructuring tests on a cable for cable-stayed bridge  Marsico, M
    16 June 2014Effects of nonuniform incident illumination on the thermal performance of a concentrating triple junction solar cell  Al-Amri, F; Mallick, TK
    12 June 2018Effects of pedestrian excitation on two short-span FRP footbridges in Delft  Živanović, S; Russell, J; Pavlović, M; et al.
    14 May 2019Effects of slag substitution on physical and mechanical properties of fly ash-based alkali activated binders (AABs)  Rafeet, A; Vinai, R; Soutsos, M; et al.
    21 November 2014Effects of spectral coupling on perovskite solar cells under diverse climatic conditions  Senthilarasu, S; Fernández, Eduardo F.; Almonacid, Florencia; et al.
    2013Efficiency droop in InSb/AlInSb quantum-well light-emitting diodes  Nash, Geoffrey R.; Mirza, B.I.
    1 December 2005Efficient dynamic performance assessment of footbridge  Brownjohn, James; Middleton, C.J.
    6 March 2019Efficient Photoelectrochemical Performance of Gamma Irradiated gC3N4 and its g-C3N4@BiVO4 Heterojunction for Solar Water Splitting  Mohamed, NA; Ullah, H; Safaei, J; et al.
    1 August 2017Efficient summertime overheating analysis using decomposed weather files  Wood, M; Eames, ME
    2010ElAM: A computer program for the analysis and representation of anisotropic elastic properties  Marmier, Arnaud; Lethbridge, Zoe A. D.; Walton, Richard I.; et al.
    19 August 2009ElAM: A computer program for the analysis and representation of anisotropic elastic properties  Marmier, Arnaud