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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2016Self-Powered energy harvester strain sensing device for structural health monitoring  Álvarez, A; Bafleur, M; Dilhac, JM; et al.
    31 January 2020Self-propelled capsule endoscopy for small-bowel examination: proof-of-concept and model verification  Bingyong, G; Liu, Y; Rauf, B; et al.
    2014Sensing solutions for assessing and monitoring of bridges  Brownjohn, James; Koo, Ki-Young; de Battista, N
    9 December 2013Sensitivity analysis of coupled crowd-structure system dynamics to walking crowd properties  Shahabpoor, E; Pavic, Aleksandar; Racic, Vitomir
    7 August 2015Sensitivity analysis of offshore wind farm operation and maintenance cost and availability  Martin, Rebecca; Lazakis, Iraklis; Barbouchi, Sami; et al.
    2008Sensitivity analysis of surface runoff generation for pluvial urban flooding  Adeyemo, O.J.; Maksimovic, Cedo; Booyan-Aronnet, S.; et al.
    23 May 2007Sensor fault detection and isolation for nonlinear systems based on a sliding mode observer  Yan, X-G; Edwards, Christopher
    12 December 2018Sensor Fault Estimation Using LPV Sliding Mode Observers with Erroneous Scheduling Parameters  Chen, L; Edwards, C; Alwi, H
    14 May 2018Sensor redundancy based FDI using an LPV sliding mode observer  Chen, L; Edwards, C; Alwi, H
    1 September 2015Sequence analysis-based hyper-heuristics for water distribution network optimisation  Kheiri, A; Keedwell, Edward; Gibson, M; et al.
    25 July 2016Serious Game Approach to Water Distribution System Design and Rehabilitation Problems  Morley, MS; Khoury, M; Savic, D
    14 October 2016Serious Gaming for Water Systems Planning and Management  Savic, D; Morley, MS; Khoury, M
    29 June 2020Shape optimisation of the sharp-heeled Kaplan draft tube: Performance evaluation using Computational Fluid Dynamics  Daniels, SJ; Rahat, AAM; Tabor, GR; et al.
    2016SHM of Bridges: Characterising Thermal Response and Detecting Anomaly Events Using a Temperature-Based Measurement Interpretation Approach  Kromanis, Rolands; Kripakaran, Prakash
    17 July 2017Short-term forecasting of turbidity in trunk main networks  Meyers, G; Kapelan, Z; Keedwell, E
    7 June 2019Shrinkage behaviour of semi-crystalline polymers in laser sintering: PEKK and PA12  Benedetti, L; Brule, B; Decreamer, N; et al.
    1 January 2014Si3N4-SiCp composites reinforced by in situ co-catalyzed generated Si3N4 nanofibers  Huang, J; Huang, Z; Zhang, S; et al.
    2002Signal and noise characteristics of patterned media  Aziz, Mustafa M.; Wright, C. David; Middleton, Barry K.; et al.
    2003Signal-to-noise ratios in recorded patterned media  Aziz, Mustafa M.; Middleton, Barry K.; Wright, C. David
    25 June 2020Simple technique for determining the refractive index of phase-change materials using near-infrared reflectometry  Gemo, E; Kesava, SV; Ruiz De Galarreta, C; et al.