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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20131D nanomaterials 2012  Zhu, Y; Ma, R; Whitby, R; et al.
    7 April 20141D nanomaterials 2013  Acquah, SFA; Ma, R; Whitby, RLD; et al.
    29 August 20192D Coupled CFD model of and Oscillating Water Column using PROTEUS  Richards, B; Dimakopoulos, A; Kees, C; et al.
    20 August 20182D material liquid crystal nanocomposites for optoelectronic and photonic devices  Hogan, B; Craciun, M; Baldycheva, A
    21 July 20172D Material Liquid Crystals for Optoelectronics and Photonics  Hogan, BTH; Kovalska, EK; Craciun, MFC; et al.
    22 February 20182D materials integrated in Si3N4 photonics platform  Faneca, J; Hogan, B; Torres Alonso, E; et al.
    4 September 20192D WS2 liquid crystals: tunable functionality enabling diverse applications  Hogan, BT; Kovalska, E; Zhukova, MO; et al.
    13 May 2018A > 3000 suns high concentrator photovoltaic design based on multiple Fresnel lens primaries focusing to one central solar cell  Shanks, K; Ferrer-Rodriguez, JP; Fernández, EF; et al.
    20 December 20193D Hierarchically Structured CoS Nanosheets: Li+ Storage Mechanism and Application of the High-Performance Lithium-ion Capacitors  Wang, Y; Liu, M; Cao, J; et al.
    3 May 20193D printing and its impact on anatomy teaching A case study of manufacturing human shoulder  Zamani, R; Totton, E; Edwards, S; et al.
    22 February 20183D visualisation tool for improving the resilience to urban and coastal flooding in Torbay, UK  Chen, AS; Khoury, M; Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, L; et al.
    1 April 2015500x CPV Receiver with Integrated Micro-Finned Heat Sink  Micheli, L; Sundaram, S; Reddy, KS; et al.
    31 August 2018A Bayesian Framework for Assessing the Strength Distribution of Composite Structures with Random Defects  Sandhu, A; Reinarz, A; Dodwell, T
    3 May 2017A Bayesian Updating Framework for Simulating Marine Energy Converter Drive Train Reliability  Ewing, FJ; Waldron, B; Thies, PR
    3 August 2017A behavioural model for integrated phase-change photonics  Garcia-Cuevas Carrillo, S; Gemo, E; Youngblood, N; et al.
    1 March 2016A BEMT model for a high solidity, hubless and ducted tidal stream turbine  Allsop, S; Peyrard, C; Thies, PR
    2012A coarse-grid approach to representing building blockage effects in 2D urban flood modelling  Chen, Albert S.; Evans, Barry; Djordjevic, Slobodan; et al.
    2006A communications framework for extended enterprise performance measurement  Folan, Paul; Higgins, P.; Browne, J.
    22 May 2020A comparative analysis of a scoliosis case against a control using 3D printing and MRI based computational modelling  Bryars, JH; Zamani, R; Young, P; et al.
    7 April 2017A Comparative Study of the Vibro-Impact Capsule Systems with One-Sided and Two-Sided Constraints  Yan, Y; Liu, Y; Liao, M