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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 February 2014L2 optimal decentralised static output feedback stabilisation of a network of dynamical systems  Prathyush, P. Menon; Edwards, Christopher; Postlethwaite, I
    18 February 2018Laboratórios Abertos 2018  Simao, D; Neves, A
    16 January 2020Land-Use and Legislation-Based Methodology for the Implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems in the Semi-Arid Region of Brazil  Barros Ramalho Alves, P; Alves Rufino, IA; Cunha Feitosa, PH; et al.
    9 November 2015Large-area functionalized CVD graphene for work function matched transparent electrodes  Bointon, Thomas H.; Jones, GF; De Sanctis, A; et al.
    17 August 2017Large-scale manufacturing of helical auxetic yarns using a novel semi-coextrusion process  Zhang, G; Ghita, OR; Lin, C; et al.
    22 May 2017Large-scale quantum-emitter arrays in atomically thin semiconductors  Palacios-Berraquero, C; Kara, DM; Montblanch, AR-P; et al.
    18 April 2020Large-scale testing of a hydraulic non-linear mooring system for floating offshore wind turbines  Harrold, M; Thies, P; Newsam, D; et al.
    25 June 2020Laser Assisted Solution Synthesis of High Performance Graphene Supported Electrocatalysts  Peng, Y; Cao, J; Yang, J; et al.
    5 June 2020Laser sintering of graphene nanoplatelets encapsulated polyamide powders  Chen, B; Davies, R; Liu, Y; et al.
    1 October 2005Lateral loading and response for a tall building in the non-seismic doldrums  Brownjohn, James
    25 July 2018Leak detection and localization based on search space reduction and hydraulic modelling  Sophocleous, S; Savic, D; Kapelan, Z; et al.
    21 September 2015Leak Detection and Localization through Demand Components Calibration  Sanz, G; Pérez, R; Kapelan, Zoran; et al.
    26 April 2019Leak Localization in a Real Water Distribution Network Based on Search-Space Reduction  Sophocleous, S; Savić, D; Kapelan, Z
    1 September 2014Learn++ for robust object tracking  Zheng, F; Shao, L; Brownjohn, J; et al.
    2005Lessons from monitoring the performance of highway bridges  Brownjohn, James; Moyo, P; Omenzetter, P; et al.
    27 August 2017Lessons Learned from 3 Years of Failure: Validating an FMEA with Historical Failure Data  Kenny, CJ; Findlay, D; Thies, PR; et al.
    15 May 2016Lexicographic bottleneck mixed-model assembly line balancing problem: artificial bee colony and tabu search approaches with optimised parameters  Buyukozkan, Kadir; Kucukkoc, Ibrahim; Satoglu, Sule Itir; et al.
    10 May 2021Life cycle analysis approach to comparing environmental impacts of alternative materials used in the construction of small wastewater treatment plants  Pryce, D; Memon, FA; Kapelan, Z
    23 March 2020Life cycle assessment of bio-based and fossil-based plastic: A review  Walker, S; Rothman, R
    2016Life cycle assessment of energy consumption and environmental emissions for cornstalk-based ethyl levulinate  Wang, Z; Li, Z; Lei, T; et al.