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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 2011Quantification of dynamic excitation potential of pedestrian population crossing footbridges  Zivanovic, S; Pavic, A
    27 June 2014Quantification of PLA Contamination in PET during Injection Moulding by In-line NIR Spectroscopy  McLauchlin, AR; Ghita, OR; Gahkani, A
    1 July 2016Quantification of the degree of mixing of cellulose nanocrystals in thermoplastics using Raman spectroscopy  Lewandowska, AL; Eichhorn, SJ
    23 September 2017Quantifying and managing uncertainty in operational modal analysis  Au, SK; Brownjohn, JMW; Mottershead, JE
    1 February 2016Quantifying dynamic sensitivity of optimization algorithm parameters to improve hydrological model calibration  Qi, W; Zhang, C; Fu, Guangtao; et al.
    18 June 2021Quantifying the effects of wave-current interactions on tidal energy resource at sites in the English Channel using coupled numerical simulations  Hardwick, JP; Mackay, EBL; Ashton, IG; et al.
    2014Quantifying the Resilience of Urban Drainage Systems Using a Hydraulic Performance Assessment Approach  Mugume, Seith; Gomez, Diego E.; Butler, David
    27 February 2013Quantifying the uncertainties in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions for UK wheat ethanol  Yan, X; Boies, AM
    19 April 2017Quantifying uncertainty in acoustic measurements of tidal flows using a ‘Virtual’ Doppler Current Profiler  Crossley, G; Alexandre, A; Parkinson, S; et al.
    10 July 2016Quantile regression ensemble for summer temperatures time series and its impact on built environment studies  herrera, M; Eames, ME; Ramallo-Gonzalez, A; et al.
    2015Quantitative Assessment of Future Sustainability Performance in Urban Water Services using WaterMet²  Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran; Morley, Mark S.; et al.
    5 January 2022Quantitative comparison of environmental contour approaches  Hauteclocque, GD; Mackay, E; Vanem, E
    1 May 2014Quantitative UWS performance model: WaterMet2  Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran; Govindarajan, Venkatesh; et al.
    12 September 2018Quantum Rings in Electromagnetic Fields  Alexeev, A; Portnoi, M
    25 June 2014Quick and accurate Cellular Automata sewer simulator  Austin, RJ; Chen, AS; Savić, DA; et al.