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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 May 2019Water Distribution Networks Resilience Analysis: A comparison between graph theory-based approaches and global resilience analysis  Pagano, A; Sweetapple, C; Farmani, R; et al.
    10 November 2016Water Heritage: Classification and Degrees of Intervention  Chen, C-N; Han, D
    2008Water management at BedZED - Some lessons  Shirley-Smith, Christopher; Butler, David
    2017Water network design using a multiobjective real options framework  Marques, J; Cunha, M; Savić, D; et al.
    1 November 2020Water quality and macrophytes in the Danube River: Artificial neural network modelling  Krtolica, I; Cvijanović, D; Obradović, Đ; et al.
    8 July 2021Water quality modeling in sewer networks: Review and future research directions  Jia, Y; Zheng, F; Maier, HR; et al.
    2016Water quality permitting: from end-of-pipe to operational strategies  Meng, FM; Fu, G; Butler, DB
    1 June 2016Water sector service innovation: what, where and who?  Ward, SL; BROWN, S; BURTON, A; et al.
    2012Water sensitive urban design in the city of the future  Ward, Sarah; Lundy, L.; Shaffer, P.; et al.
    10 August 2018Water, food, energy nexus investigation for human development  Waimbo, K; Savic, DS; Memon, F
    28 May 2019Water-based solution processing and wafer-scale integration of all-graphene humidity sensors  Torres Alonso, E; Shin, D-W; Rajan, G; et al.
    26 May 2018Water-energy-food nexus: Concepts, questions and methodologies  Zhang, C; Chen, X; Li, Y; et al.
    3 January 2022Water-food-energy nexus for transboundary cooperation in Eastern Africa  Elsayed, H; Djordjevic, S; Savic, D; et al.
    3 June 2020Water-Food-Energy Nexus in the Nile River Basin  Elsayed, H; Djordjević, S; Savić, D
    2012WaterMet2 conceptual model report. (Deliverable D33.1)  Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran; Rozos, Evangelos; et al.
    1 February 2012WaterMet2 model functional requirements  Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran; Rozos, Evangelos; et al.
    31 January 2014WaterMet2 Toolkit functions  Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran
    2014WaterMet2: a tool for integrated analysis of sustainability-based performance of urban water systems  Behzadian, Kourosh; Kapelan, Zoran; Govindarajan, Venkatesh; et al.
    9 September 2021Wave buoys in current - experimental results and observations  Draycott, S; Pillai, AC; Gabl, R; et al.
    12 November 2012Wave Buoys St Ives  Ashton, Ian