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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 August 2017How the Toughest Inorganic Fullerene Cages Absorb Shockwave Pressures in a Protective Nanocomposite: Experimental Evidence from Two In-Situ Investigations  Zhu, Y; Xu, F; Yang, Z; et al.
    16 January 2018Human agency in disaster planning: a systems approach  Powell, JH; Hammond, MJ; Chen, AS; et al.
    3 September 2019Human factors simulation for motion and serviceability in the built environment  Brownjohn, JMW; Darby, A
    1 September 2016Human-structure dynamic interaction during short-distance free falls  Shahabpoor, E; Pavic, A
    1994Humber Bridge full scale measure campaigns 1990-1991  Brownjohn, James; Bocciolone, M; Curami, A; et al.
    12 November 2018Humidity‐Controlled Ultralow Power Layer‐by‐Layer Thinning, Nanopatterning and Bandgap Engineering of MoTe2  Nagareddy, VK; Octon, TJ; Townsend, NJ; et al.
    28 February 2014Hybrid carbon fibre–carbon nanotube composite interfaces  Jin, S.-Y.; Young, Robert J.; Eichhorn, Stephen J.
    17 September 2015Hybrid Evolutionary Optimization/Heuristic Technique for Water System Expansion and Operation  Morley, Mark S.; Tricarico, Carla
    3 April 2019Hybrid Generators-based AC Microgrid Performance Assessment in Island Mode  Issa, W; Sharkh, S; Abusara, M
    2014A Hybrid optimization method for real-time pump scheduling  Puleo, V; Morley, MS; Freni, G; et al.
    6 May 2016Hydrochemical Effect of Different Quality of Water on the Behaviour of an Expansive Soil During Wetting and Drying Cycles  Estabragh, AR; Moghadas, M; Javadi, AA
    2017Hydrodynamic analysis of a ducted, open centre tidal stream turbine using blade element momentum theory  Allsop, S; Peyrard, C; Thies, PR; et al.
    13 September 2016Hydrodynamic Effects of Debris Blockage and Scour on Masonry Bridges: Towards Experimental Modelling  Ebrahimi, M; Kripakaran, P; Djordjevic, S; et al.
    2017Hydrodynamic response of a submerged tunnel element suspended from a twin-barge under random waves  Yang, C; Weller, SD; Wang, Y-X; et al.
    10 September 2010Hydrological Applications of Artificial Neural Networks  Duncan, Andrew
    2000Hysteresis loops and transition shapes during recording  Middleton, Barry K.; Aziz, Mustafa M.; Miles, J. J.
    26 February 2018ICE report T1.1.1: An overview of renewable energy supply potential  Hardwick, J; Smith, H; Fitch-Roy, O; et al.
    13 March 2018ICE report T1.4 - A Community Specific Assessment of Local Energy  Hardwick, JP; Zheng, S; Smith, H; et al.
    19 June 2018ICE Report T2.1.1 - Smart peripheral territories transitions: Literature review and current status  Matthew, GJ; Fitch-Roy, O; Connor, P; et al.
    21 June 2018ICE report T2.1.2 - ICE general methodology  Matthew, GS; Fitch-Roy, OWF; Connor, PM; et al.