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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 December 2017Impacts of heating and surfactant treatments on the geotechnical properties of a cohesive soil  Estabragh, AR; Babalar, M; Javadi, AA; et al.
    2010Impacts of residence time during storage on potential of water saving for grey water recycling system  Liu, S.; Butler, David; Memon, Fayyaz; et al.
    1 April 2014Impedance interaction between islanded parallel voltage source inverters and the distribution network  Issa, W; Abusara, M; Sharkh, SM
    1 May 2013Implantation temperature effects on the nanoscale optical pattern fabrication in a-SiC:H films by Ga+ focused ion beams  Tsvetkova, T; Wright, CD; Hosseini, P; et al.
    30 April 2018An Implementation of a Decision Support Tool to Assess Treatment of Emerging Contaminants in India  Visanji, Z; Sadr, SMK; Memon, FA
    2 September 2013Implications of structural design on the effectiveness of active vibration control of floor structures  Hudson, EJ; Reynolds, P
    7 November 2013Implications of Urban Form on Water Distribution Systems Performance  Farmani, R; Butler, D
    1 January 2016Implicit large-eddy simulation of a wingtip vortex  Lombard, JEW; Moxey, D; Sherwin, SJ; et al.
    6 July 2017The importance of getting your feet wet: Field measurements from the OPERA project  Weller, SD; Johanning, L
    10 January 2014The importance of the mesostructure in toughening cellulosic short fibre composites  Savage, L; Evans, K
    17 May 2016Imprecise probabilistic estimation of design floods with epistemic uncertainties  Qi, W; Zhang, C; Fu, G; et al.
    2011Imprecise probabilistic evaluation of sewer flooding in urban drainage systems using random set theory  Fu, Guangtao; Butler, David; Khu, Soon-Thiam; et al.
    1 April 2013An Improved Ant Colony Optimisation Algorithm for Type-I Parallel Two-Sided Assembly Line Balancing Problem  Kucukkoc, I; Zhang, Z; Keedwell, E; et al.
    1 September 2016Improved footfall model for vibration of high-frequency floors  Mohammed, AS; Pavic, A
    29 June 2017Improved Hydrogen Release from Ammonia Borane Confined in Microporous Carbon with Narrow Pore Size Distribution  Yang, Z; Zhou, D; Chen, B; et al.
    1 April 2018Improved loop-flow method for hydraulic analysis of water distribution systems  Vasilic, Z; Stanic, M; Kapelan, Z; et al.
    18 May 2018Improved model for human induced vibrations of high-frequency floors  Pavic, A; Mohammed, AS; Racic, V
    2015Improved Reactive Power Sharing for Parallel-Operated Inverters in Islanded Microgrids  Issa, Walid; Sharkh, Suleiman; Mallick, Tapas K.; et al.
    2007An improved stability criterion for a class of Lur'e systems  Li, Guang; Heath, W.P.; Lennox, B.
    2013Improvements in vortex flow control design to increase sewer network flood resistance  Newton, Christopher J.; Jarman, D.S.; Memon, Fayyaz; et al.