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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    27 April 2020Assessment of return value estimates from stationary and non-stationary extreme value models  Mackay, E; Jonathan, P
    19 February 2021A BEM model for wave forces on structures with thin porous elements  Mackay, E; Liang, H; Johanning, L
    11 August 2021A benchmarking exercise for environmental contours  Haselsteiner, AF; Coe, RG; Manuel, L; et al.
    6 February 2020Comparison of analytical and numerical solutions for wave interaction with a vertical porous barrier  Mackay, E; Johanning, L
    1 February 2021Comparison of Macro-Scale Porosity Implementations for CFD Modelling of Wave Interaction with Thin Porous Structures  Feichtner, A; Mackay, E; Tabor, G; et al.
    17 October 2019Consistent expressions for the free-surface Green function in finite water depth  Mackay, E
    8 November 2021The effect of serial correlation in environmental conditions on estimates of extreme events  Mackay, E; de Hauteclocque, G; Vanem, E; et al.
    6 July 2018A generalised equivalent storm model for long-term statistics of ocean waves  Mackay, E; Johanning, L
    9 February 2021The Green function for diffraction and radiation of regular waves by two-dimensional structures  Mackay, E
    27 September 2021Long-term extreme response of an offshore turbine: How accurate are contour-based estimates?  Haselsteiner, AF; Frieling, M; Mackay, E; et al.
    17 September 2020Marginal and total exceedance probabilities of environmental contours  Mackay, E; Haselsteiner, AF
    31 October 2020Model Tests of a TLP Floating Offshore Wind Turbine with a Porous Outer Column  Mackay, E; Johanning, L; Shi, W; et al.
    17 November 2021Numerical and experimental modelling of wave interaction with fixed and floating porous cylinders  Mackay, E; Shi, W; Qiao, D; et al.
    21 September 2021Numerical simulation with a macroscopic CFD method and experimental analysis of wave interaction with fixed porous cylinder structures  Qiao, D; Mackay, E; Yan, J; et al.
    5 January 2022Quantitative comparison of environmental contour approaches  Hauteclocque, GD; Mackay, E; Vanem, E
    23 November 2021Reducing conservatism in highest density environmental contours  Haselsteiner, AF; Mackay, E; Thoben, K-D
    15 September 2021Sampling properties and empirical estimates of extreme events  Mackay, E; Jonathan, P
    11 October 2021A second benchmarking exercise on estimating extreme environmental conditions: methodology and baseline results  Mackay, E; Haselsteiner, AF; Coe, RG; et al.