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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2013Broadband and efficient plasmonic control in the near-infrared and visible via strong interference of surface plasmon polaritons  Gan, C.H.; Nash, Geoffrey R.
    2013Efficiency droop in InSb/AlInSb quantum-well light-emitting diodes  Nash, Geoffrey R.; Mirza, B.I.
    2013Gas loading of graphene-quartz surface acoustic wave devices  Whitehead, E.F.; Chick, E.M.; Bandhu, Lokeshwar; et al.
    2013Macroscopic acoustoelectric charge transport in graphene  Bandhu, Lokeshwar; Lawton, L.M.; Nash, Geoffrey R.
    2013Thermal emission from large area chemical vapor deposited graphene devices  Luxmoore, Isaac John; Adlem, C.; Poole, Timothy; et al.