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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2006Application of time series analysis for bridge health monitoring  Omenzetter, P; Brownjohn, James
    15 April 2003Assessment of Highway Bridge Upgrading by Dynamic Testing and Finite-Element Model Updating  Brownjohn, James; Moyo, P; Omenzetter, P; et al.
    2015Bridge live loading assessment and load carrying estimation using a health monitoring system and dynamic testing  Moyo, P; Brownjohn, James; Omenzetter, P
    1 March 2004Identification of unusual events in multi-channel bridge monitoring data  Omenzetter, P; Brownjohn, James; Moyo, P
    2004Interpreting data from bridge performance and health monitoring systems  Brownjohn, James; Moyo, P; Omenzetter, P; et al.
    2005Lessons from monitoring the performance of highway bridges  Brownjohn, James; Moyo, P; Omenzetter, P; et al.
    2004Long span steel pedestrian bridge at Singapore Changi Airport. Part 2: Crowd loading tests and vibration mitigation measures  Brownjohn, James; Fok, P; Roche, M; et al.
    1 January 2004A spectral density approach for modelling continuous vertical forces on pedestrian structures due to walking  Brownjohn, James; Pavic, Aleksandar; Omenzetter, P
    1 May 2003Time domain formulation of self-excited forces on bridge deck for wind tunnel experiment  Zhang, X; Brownjohn, James; Omenzetter, P