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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 December 20193D Hierarchically Structured CoS Nanosheets: Li+ Storage Mechanism and Application of the High-Performance Lithium-ion Capacitors  Wang, Y; Liu, M; Cao, J; et al.
    10 July 2019Assessing catchment scale flood resilience of urban areas using a grid cell based metric  Wang, Y; Meng, F; Liu, H; et al.
    21 May 2018Assessing real options in urban surface water flood risk management under climate change  Liu, H; Wang, Y; Zhang, C; et al.
    9 November 2016Discrete element simulation and experimental study of powder spreading process in additive manufacturing  Haeri, S; Wang, Y; Ghita, OR; et al.
    2017Enhanced Ductility of PEEK thin film with self-assembled fibre-like crystals  Wang, Y; Chen, B; Evans, K; et al.
    19 August 2017Fused Deposition Modelling of high temperature polymers: Exploring CNT PEEK composites  Berretta, S; Davies, R; Wang, Y; et al.
    22 November 2019How can smart technologies contribute to sustainable product lifecycle management?  Liu, Y; Zhang, Y; Ren, S; et al.
    4 June 2018An integrated framework for high-resolution urban flood modelling considering multiple information sources and urban features  Wang, Y; Chen, A; Fu, G; et al.
    12 July 2017Interface and properties of inorganic fullerene tungsten sulphide nanoparticle reinforced poly (ether ether ketone) nanocomposites  Wang, N; Yang, Z; Wang, Y; et al.
    20 August 2017Manufacturing of pre-impregnated discontinuous CF/PAEK composite  Savage, LB; Wang, Y
    8 August 2016Novel Fibre-like Crystals in Thin Films of Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK)  Wang, Y; Chen, B; Evans, KE; et al.
    6 February 2017Poly Aryl Ether Ketones (PAEKs) and carbon-reinforced PAEK powders for laser sintering  Chen, B; Wang, Y; Berretta, S; et al.
    7 January 2020Reference point based multi-objective optimization of reservoir operation: a comparison of three algorithms  Tang, R; Li, K; Ding, W; et al.