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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 November 2010Localised electro-thermal processing: a new route to the patterning of magnetic recording media  Aziz, Mustafa M.; Newman, Dave M.; Sidwell, A; et al.
    2008The magnetic manipulation of surface plasmons - Consideration of possible technologies  Newman, Dave M.; Wears, M. Lesley; Matelon, Raphael J.
    2008A magneto-optic route toward the in vivo diagnosis of malaria: preliminary results and preclinical trial data  Newman, Dave M.; Heptinstall, John; Matelon, Raphael J.; et al.
    2013Novel magneto-optic behaviour from a polysquaraine  Lynch, Daniel E.; Newman, Dave M.; Wears, M. Lesley; et al.