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  • Role of Charge Traps in the Performance of Atomically Thin Transistors. 

    Amit, I; Octon, TJ; Townsend, NJ; Reale, F; Wright, CD; Mattevi, C; Craciun, MF; Russo, S (Wiley, 2017-03-15)
    Transient currents in atomically thin MoTe2 field-effect transistors (FETs) are measured during cycles of pulses through the gate electrode. The curves of the transient currents are analyzed in light of a newly proposed ...
  • Sub 20 meV Schottky barriers in metal/MoTe2 junctions 

    Townsend, NJ; Amit, I; Craciun, MF; Russo, S (IOP Publishing, 2018-03-22)
    The newly emerging class of atomically-thin materials has shown a high potential for the realisation of novel electronic and optoelectronic components. Amongst this family, semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides ...
  • Ultrahigh Performance Nanoengineered Graphene–Concrete Composites for Multifunctional Applications 

    Dimov, D; Amit, I; Gorrie, O; Barnes, M; Townsend, N; Neves, A; Withers, F; Russo, S; Craciun, MF (Wiley, 2018-04-23)
    There is a constant drive for development of ultrahigh performance multifunctional construction materials by the modern engineering technologies. These materials have to exhibit enhanced durability and mechanical performance, ...