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  • Appraising infrastructure for new towns in Ireland 

    Hunt, Dexter V.L.; Lombardi, D. Rachel; Jefferson, I.; Rogers, Chris D.F.; Butler, David; Memon, Fayyaz (ICE Publishing, 2012)
    Over a 20 year period 1996–2016, a new 223 ha town is being developed 10 miles west of Dublin's city centre on the south side of Lucan, County Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland (ROI). This €4 billion ‘Adamstown’ development ...
  • Scenario archetypes: converging rather than diverging themes 

    Hunt, Dexter V.L.; Lombardi, D. Rachel; Atkinson, Stuart; Barber, Austin R.G.; Barnes, Matthew; Boyko, Christopher T.; Brown, Julie; Bryson, John; Butler, David; Caputo, Silvio; Caserio, Maria; Coles, Richard; Cooper, Rachel F.D.; Farmani, Raziyeh; Gaterell, Mark; Hale, James; Hales, Chantal; Hewitt, C. Nicholas; Jankovic, Lubo; Jefferson, I.; Leach, J.; MacKenzie, A. Rob; Memon, Fayyaz; Sadker, Jon P.; Weingaertner, Carina; Whyatt, J. Duncan; Rogers, Chris D.F. (2012)
    Future scenarios provide challenging, plausible and relevant stories about how the future could unfold. Urban Futures (UF) research has identified a substantial set (>450) of seemingly disparate scenarios published over ...
  • Urban futures and the code for sustainable homes 

    Hunt, Dexter V.L.; Lombardi, D. Rachel; Farmani, Raziyeh; Jefferson, I.; Memon, Fayyaz; Butler, David; Rogers, Chris D.F. (ICE Publishing, 2012)
    A 6?6 ha (66 000 m2) regeneration site, commonly referred to as Luneside East, is to be turned from a run down, economically under-achieving area of Lancaster, UK, into a new, distinctive, vibrant, sustainable quarter of ...