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  • Phase-change technologies: from PCRAM to probe-storage to processors 

    Wright, C. David; Ashawaraya, S.; Ashwin, Peter; Aziz, Mustafa M.; Hicken, R.J.; Kohary, Krisztian; Liu, Y.; Marmier, Arnaud; Shah, P.; Vazquez Diosdado, Jorge A.; Wang, Lei (2010)
    Phase-change materials based on chalcogenide alloys, for example GeSbTe and AgInSbTe, show remarkable properties such as: the ability to be crystallized by pulses in the (hundreds of) femtoseconds region while at the same ...
  • Threshold switching via electric field induced crystallization in phase-change memory devices 

    Vazquez Diosdado, Jorge A.; Ashwin, Peter; Kohary, Krisztian; Wright, C. David (American Institute of Physics, 2012)
    Phase-change devices exhibit characteristic threshold switching from the reset (off) to the set (on) state. Mainstream understanding of this electrical switching phenomenon is that it is initiated electronically via the ...