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  • Attention model of binocular rivalry 

    Li, H-H; Rankin, J; Rinzel, J; Carrasco, M; Heeger, DJ (National Academy of Sciences, 2017-07-25)
    When the corresponding retinal locations in the two eyes are presented with incompatible images, a stable percept gives way to perceptual alternations in which the two images compete for perceptual dominance. As perceptual ...
  • Attractors of a randomly forced electronic oscillator 

    Ashwin, Peter (Elsevier, 1999)
    This paper examines an electronic oscillator forced by a pseudo-random noise signal. We give evidence of the existence of one or more random attractors for the system depending on noise amplitude and system parameters. ...
  • Authors response to communication about mathematical modeling of gonadotropin-releasing hormone signaling 

    Pratap, A; Garner, KL; Voliotis, M; Tsaneva-Atanasova, K; McArdle, CA (Elsevier, 2017-10-04)
    Letter to the Editor: Authors response to communication about mathematical modeling of gonadotropin-releasing hormone signaling
  • Automatic segmentation of episodes containing epileptic clonic seizures in video sequences 

    Kalitzin, S; Petkov, G; Velis, D; Vledder, B; Lopes da Silva, F (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012-12)
    Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by sudden, often unexpected transitions from normal to pathological behavioral states called epileptic seizures. Some of these seizures are accompanied by uncontrolled, ...
  • Average values of L-series for real characters in function fields 

    Andrade, JC; Bae, S; Jung, H (SpringerOpen, 2016-11-02)
    We establish asymptotic formulae for the first and second moments of quadratic Dirichlet L–functions, at the centre of the critical strip, associated to the real quadratic function field k( √ P) and inert imaginary ...
  • Bacterial secretion and the role of diffusive and subdiffusive first passage processes 

    Marten, F; Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira; Giuggioli, L (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    By funneling protein effectors through needle complexes located on the cellular membrane, bacteria are able to infect host cells during type III secretion events. The spatio-temporal mechanisms through which these events ...
  • Badly approximable affine forms and Schmidt games 

    Tseng, J (Elsevier for Academic Press, 2009-08-08)
    For any real number θ, the set of all real numbers x for which there exists a constant c(x) > 0 such that infp∈Z |θq − x − p| ≥ c(x) |q| for all q ∈ Z\{0} is an 1/8-winning set.
  • Badly approximable systems of affine forms, fractals, and Schmidt games 

    Einsiedler, M; Tseng, J (De Gruyter, 2011-06-16)
    A badly approximable system of affine forms is determined by a matrix and a vector. We show Kleinbock's conjecture for badly approximable systems of affine forms: for any fixed vector, the set of badly approximable systems ...
  • The Bayesian Decision Tree Technique with a Sweeping Strategy 

    Schetinin, Vitaly; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Partridge, Derek; Krzanowski, Wojtek J.; Everson, Richard M.; Bailey, Trevor C.; Hernandez, Adolfo (2004)
    The uncertainty of classification outcomes is of crucial importance for many safety critical applications including, for example, medical diagnostics. In such applications the uncertainty of classification can be reliably ...
  • A Bayesian framework for verification and recalibration of ensemble forecasts: How uncertain is NAO predictability? 

    Siegert, Stefan; Stephenson, David B.; Sansom, Philip G.; Scaife, Adam A.; Eade, Rosie; Arribas, Alberto (, 2015-04-08)
    Predictability estimates of ensemble prediction systems are uncertain due to limited numbers of past forecasts and observations. To account for such uncertainty, this paper proposes a Bayesian inferential framework that ...
  • Bayesian history matching of complex infectious disease models using emulation: a tutorial and a case study on HIV in Uganda 

    Andrianakis, Ioannis; Vernon, Ian R.; McCreesh, Nicky; McKinley, Trevelyan J.; Oakley, Jeremy E.; Nsubuga, Rebecca N.; Goldstein, Michael; White, Richard G. (Public Library of Science, 2015-01)
    Advances in scientific computing have allowed the development of complex models that are being routinely applied to problems in disease epidemiology, public health and decision making. The utility of these models depends ...
  • Bayesian inductively learned modules for safety critical systems 

    Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Bailey, Trevor C.; Everson, Richard M.; Krzanowski, Wojtek J.; Partridge, Derek; Schetinin, Vitaly (Interface Foundation of North America, Inc., 2003)
    This work examines the use of Bayesian inductively learned software modules for safety critical systems. Central to the safety critical application is the desire to generate confidence measures associated with predictions. ...
  • A Bayesian Methodology for Estimating Uncertainty of Decisions in Safety-Critical Systems 

    Schetinin, Vitaly; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Partridge, Derek; Krzanowski, Wojtek J.; Bailey, Trevor C.; Everson, Richard M.; Hernandez, Adolfo (IOS Press, 2006)
  • Bayesian model choice in cumulative link ordinal regression models 

    McKinley, Trevelyan J.; Morters, Michelle K.; Wood, James L. N. (International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA), 2015-01-28)
    The use of the proportional odds (PO) model for ordinal regression is ubiquitous in the literature. If the assumption of parallel lines does not hold for the data, then an alternative is to specify a non-proportional odds ...
  • BeatBox - HPC Simulation Environment for Biophysically and Anatomically Realistic Cardiac Electrophysiology 

    Antonioletti, M; Biktashev, VN; Jackson, A; Kharche, SR; Stary, T; Biktasheva, IV (, 2017)
    The BeatBox simulation environment combines flexible script language user interface with the robust computational tools, in order to setup cardiac electrophysiology in-silico experiments without re-coding at low-level, so ...
  • Behavioral realizations using companion matrices and the smith form 

    Hughes, TH (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2016-01-01)
    Classical procedures for the realization of transfer functions are unable to represent uncontrollable behaviors. In this paper, we use companion matrices and the Smith form to derive explicit observable realizations for a ...
  • Best practices for post-processing ensemble climate forecasts, part I: selecting appropriate recalibration methods 

    Sansom, PG; Ferro, CAT; Stephenson, DB; Goddard, L; Mason, SJ (American Meteorological Society, 2016)
    This study describes a systematic approach to selecting optimal statistical recalibration methods and hindcast designs for producing reliable probability forecasts on seasonal-to-decadal time scales. A new recalibration ...
  • Beyond in-phase and anti-phase coordination in a model of joint action 

    Avitabile, D; Słowiński, P; Bardy, B; Tsaneva-Atanasova, K (Springer Verlag (Germany), 2016-06-08)
    In 1985, Haken, Kelso and Bunz proposed a system of coupled nonlinear oscillators as a model of rhythmic movement patterns in human bimanual coordination. Since then, the Haken–Kelso–Bunz (HKB) model has become a modelling ...
  • A bias-corrected decomposition of the Brier score 

    Ferro, Christopher A.T.; Fricker, Thomas E. (Royal Meteorological Society, 2012)
    The Brier score is a widely used measure of performance for probabilistic forecasts of event occurrences and is often decomposed additively into three terms that quantify the reliability and resolution of the forecasts and ...
  • Biclustering models for structured microarray data 

    Turner, Heather L.; Bailey, Trevor C.; Krzanowski, Wojtek J.; Hemingway, Cheryl A. (IEEE, 2005)
    Microarrays have become a standard tool for investigating gene function and more complex microarray experiments are increasingly being conducted. For example, an experiment may involve samples from several groups or may ...