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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 July 2016Chaos in generically coupled phase oscillator networks with nonpairwise interactions  Bick, C; Ashwin, P; Rodrigues, A
    18 July 2018Chaos in Kuramoto Oscillator Networks  Bick, C; Panaggio, MJ; Martens, EA
    2011Chaos in symmetric phase oscillator networks  Bick, Christian; Timme, Marc; Paulikat, Danilo; et al.
    8 May 2018Chaotic and non-chaotic response to quasiperiodic forcing: limits to predictability of ice ages paced by Milankovitch forcing  Ashwin, PB; Camp, CD; von der Heydt, AS
    4 July 2012Chaotic multi-objective optimization based design of fractional order PIλDμ controller in AVR system  Pan, I; Das, S
    29 September 2015Chaotic Weak Chimeras and their Persistence in Coupled Populations of Phase Oscillators  Bick, Christian; Ashwin, Peter
    21 December 2020Characterisation of shockwave signatures at millimetre wavelengths from Bifrost simulations  Eklund, H; Wedemeyer, S; Snow, B; et al.
    2011Characteristic matrices for linear periodic delay differential equations  Sieber, J.; Szalai, R.
    26 August 2019Characteristics of Heavy Particulate Matter Pollution Events Over Hong Kong and Their Relationships With Vertical Wind Profiles Using High-Time-Resolution Doppler Lidar Measurements  Yang, Y; Yim, SHL; Haywood, J; et al.
    13 May 2020Characterization of lipid composition and diffusivity in OLA generated vesicles  Schaich, M; Sobota, D; Sleath, H; et al.
    16 September 2021Characterizing the performance of a POPS miniaturized optical particle counter when operated on a quadcopter drone  Liu, Z; Osborne, M; Anderson, K; et al.
    12 August 2015Chimera states in networks of phase oscillators: the case of two small populations  Panaggio, Mark J.; Abrams, Daniel M.; Ashwin, Peter; et al.
    1 September 2016Chimera states in two populations with heterogeneous phase-lag  Martens, EA; Bick, C; Panaggio, MJ
    1 June 2015Chloroplasts play a central role in plant defence and are targeted by pathogen effectors  de Torres, M; Littlejohn, George; Jayaraman, S; et al.
    23 February 2018Choice of function spaces for thermodynamic variables in mixed finite element methods  Melvin, T; Benacchio, T; Thuburn, J; et al.
    16 May 2018Choice of time horizon critical in estimating costs and effects of changes to HIV programmes.  McCreesh, N; Andrianakis, I; Nsubuga, RN; et al.
    18 November 2019Ciliate Biology: The Graceful Hunt of a Shape-Shifting Predator  Wan, KY
    14 April 2017Classification framework for partially observed dynamical systems  Shen, Y; Tino, P; Tsaneva-Atanasova, KT
    2 March 2016Classification methodology of CVD with localized feature analysis using Phase Space Reconstruction targeting personalized remote health monitoring  Vemishetty, N; Acharyya, A; Das, S; et al.
    1 July 2014Classification of autism spectrum disorder using supervised learning of brain connectivity measures extracted from synchrostates  Jamal, W; Das, S; Oprescu, I-A; et al.