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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2013On designing heteroclinic networks from graphs  Ashwin, Peter; Postlethwaite, Claire
    6 December 2018On Elementary Estimates of Arithmetic Sums for Polynomial Rings over Finite Fields  Bueno De Andrade, J; Shamesaldeen, A; Summersby, C
    25 March 2020On etale fundamental groups of formal fibres of p-adic curves  Saidi, M
    2005On Evidence Weighted Mixture Classification  Everson, Richard M.; Krzanowski, Wojtek J.; Bailey, Trevor C.; et al.
    2010On fluid flows in precessing narrow annular channels: asymptotic analysis and numerical simulation  Zhang, Keke; Kong, Dali; Liao, X.
    2010On fluid flows in precessing spheres in the mantle frame of reference  Zhang, Keke; Chan, K.H.; Liao, X.
    2011On fluid motion in librating ellipsoids with moderate equatorial eccentricity  Zhang, Keke; Chan, K.H.; Liao, X.
    13 December 2014On Identifying the role of Sun and the El Nino Southern Oscillation on Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall  Roy, Indrani; Collins, Matthew
    1 June 2013On judging the credibility of climate predictions  Otto, Friederike E. L; Ferro, Christopher A.T.; Fricker, Thomas E.; et al.
    9 October 2018On Kelvin–Helmholtz and parametric instabilities driven by coronal waves  Hillier, AS; Barker, A; Arregui, I; et al.
    2011On local attraction properties and a stability index for heteroclinic connections  Podvigina, Olga; Ashwin, Peter
    22 December 2012On p-adic differential equations on semistable varieties  Di Proietto, V
    27 March 2009On p-adic differential equations on semistable varieties (PhD thesis)  Di Proietto, V
    6 August 2014On p-adic differential equations on semistable varieties II  Di Proietto, V; Shiho, A
    10 January 2014On p-adic invariant cycles theorem  Chiarellotto, B; Coleman, R; Di Proietto, V; et al.
    5 March 2014On precessing flow in an oblate spheroid of arbitrary eccentricity  Zhang, Keke; Chan, Kit H.; Liao, X.
    11 January 2019On reciprocal systems and controllability  Hughes, TH
    2000On riddling and weak attractors  Ashwin, Peter; Terry, John R.
    2011On statistical attractors and the convergence of time averages  Karabacak, Ozkan; Ashwin, Peter
    24 April 2018On the accuracy of aerosol photoacoustic spectrometer calibrations using absorption by ozone  Davies, NW; Cotterell, MI; Fox, C; et al.