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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2017The competitive nature of STAT complex formation drives phenotype switching of T cells  Sadreev, II; Chen, MZQ; Umezawa, Y; et al.
    12 April 2021The compost bomb instability in the continuum limit  Clarke, J; Huntingford, C; Ritchie, P; et al.
    22 January 2018The contrasting climate response to tropical and extratropical energy perturbations  Hawcroft, M; Haywood, J; Collins, M; et al.
    17 June 2020The contributions of fronts, lows and thunderstorms to southern Australian rainfall  Pepler, AS; Dowdy, AJ; van Rensch, P; et al.
    1 March 2017The converging-input converging-state property for Lur’e systems  Bill, A; Guiver, C; Logemann, H; et al.
    25 July 2019The cuspidalisation of sections of arithmetic fundamental groups II  Saïdi, M
    27 June 2017The daily tail assignment problem under operational uncertainty using look-ahead maintenance constraints  Maher, SJ; Desaulniers, G; Soumis, F
    2013The development of an early warning system for climate-sensitive disease risk with a focus on dengue epidemics in Southeast Brazil  Lowe, Rachel; Bailey, Trevor C.; Stephenson, David B.; et al.
    27 November 2017The dichotomy spectrum for random dynamical systems and pitchfork bifurcations with additive noise  Callaway, M; Doan, TS; Lamb, JSW; et al.
    8 March 2017The Dolgopyat inequality in bounded variation for non-Markov maps  Bruin, H; Terhesiu, D
    22 June 2020The echo index and multistability in input-driven recurrent neural networks  Ceni, A; Ashwin, P; Livi, L; et al.
    6 April 2020The effect of human land use change in the Hadley Centre attribution system  Lott, FC; Christidis, N; Ciavarella, A; et al.
    2 August 2018The effect of two distinct fast time scales in the rotating, stratified Boussinesq equations: variations from quasi-geostrophy  Whitehead, JP; Haut, T; Wingate, B
    23 January 2008The effects of a partitioned var gene repertoire of Plasmodium falciparum on antigenic diversity and the acquisition of clinical immunity  Recker, M; Arinaminpathy, N; Buckee, CO
    4 June 2019The effects of gravity on the climate and circulation of a terrestrial planet  Thomson, SI; Vallis, GK
    26 July 2019The effects of gravity on the climate and circulation of a terrestrial planet  Thomson, SI; Vallis, GK
    1 August 2016The effects of increasing humidity on heat transport by extratropical waves  Geen, R; Czaja, A; Haigh, JD
    23 July 2010The effects of tertiary and quaternary infections on the epidemiology of dengue  Wikramaratna, PS; Simmons, CP; Gupta, S; et al.
    20 February 2019The ensemble‐adjusted Ignorance score for forecasts issued as Normal distributions  Siegert, Stefan; Ferro, Christopher A.T.; Stephenson, David B.; et al.
    2010The evaluation of directionally writhing polymers  Prior, C.B.; Berger, M.A.