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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 2012Bacterial secretion and the role of diffusive and subdiffusive first passage processes  Marten, F; Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira; Giuggioli, L
    8 August 2009Badly approximable affine forms and Schmidt games  Tseng, J
    16 June 2011Badly approximable systems of affine forms, fractals, and Schmidt games  Einsiedler, M; Tseng, J
    1 January 2015Bayesian history matching of complex infectious disease models using emulation: a tutorial and a case study on HIV in Uganda  Andrianakis, Ioannis; Vernon, Ian R.; McCreesh, Nicky; et al.
    1 January 2003Bayesian inductively learned modules for safety critical systems  Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Bailey, Trevor C.; Everson, Richard M.; et al.
    28 January 2015Bayesian model choice in cumulative link ordinal regression models  McKinley, Trevelyan J.; Morters, Michelle K.; Wood, James L. N.
    1 January 2017BeatBox - HPC Simulation Environment for Biophysically and Anatomically Realistic Cardiac Electrophysiology  Antonioletti, M; Biktashev, VN; Jackson, A; et al.
    1 January 2016Behavioral realizations using companion matrices and the smith form  Hughes, TH
    12 October 2018Behaviour of Lq norms of the sincp function  Edmunds, DE; Melkonian, H
    1 January 2016Best practices for post-processing ensemble climate forecasts, part I: selecting appropriate recalibration methods  Sansom, PG; Ferro, CAT; Stephenson, DB; et al.
    8 June 2016Beyond in-phase and anti-phase coordination in a model of joint action  Avitabile, D; Słowiński, P; Bardy, B; et al.
    1 January 2005Biclustering models for structured microarray data  Turner, Heather L.; Bailey, Trevor C.; Krzanowski, Wojtek J.; et al.
    1 January 2011Bidirectional transport and pulsing states in a multi-lane ASEP model  Lin, Congping; Steinberg, Gero; Ashwin, Peter
    25 May 2016Bifurcation Analysis of a Two-Compartment Hippocampal Pyramidal Cell Model  Atherton, LA; Prince, LY; Tsaneva-Atanasova, KT
    1 January 2014Bifurcation analysis of delay-induced resonances of the El-Niño Southern Oscillation.  Krauskopf, Bernd; Sieber, J.
    1 January 2008Bifurcation to heteroclinic cycles and sensitivity in three and four coupled phase oscillators  Ashwin, Peter; Burylko, Oleksandr; Maistrenko, Yuri
    10 March 2015Biomass burning related ozone damage on vegetation over the Amazon forest: A model sensitivity study  Pacifico, F; Folberth, GA; Sitch, S; et al.
    1 January 2012Bistability in feedback circuits as a byproduct of evolution of evolvability  Kuwahara, Hiroyuki; Soyer, Orkun S.
    1 January 1998Blowout bifurcation in a system of coupled chaotic lasers  Ashwin, Peter; Terry, John R.; Thornburg, K. Scott; et al.
    1 January 2013Bounded Lüroth expansions: applying Schmidt games where infinite distortion exists  Mance, B; Tseng, J