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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 June 2016An analytic comparison of regularization methods for Gaussian processes  Mohammadi, H; Le Riche, R; Durrande, N; et al.
    2008An analytical approach to initiation of propagating fronts  Idris, I.; Biktashev, V. N.
    2013An Analytical Model for On-chip Interconnects in Multimedia Embedded Systems  Wu, Yulei; Min, Geyong; Zhu, Dakai; et al.
    25 May 2009Analytically Solvable Asymptotic Model of Atrial Excitability  Simitev, R. D.; Biktashev, V. N.
    2001Anisotropic properties of riddled basins  Ashwin, Peter; Breakspear, Michael
    1 October 2008Anisotropic small-scale constraints on energy in rotating stratified turbulence  Kurien, Susan; Wingate, Beth; Taylor, Mark
    29 October 2020Ankle Push-off Based Mathematical Model for Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease  Parakkal Unni, M; Menon, PP; Wilson, MR; et al.
    14 October 2020Anomalous time-scaling of extreme events in infinite systems and Birkhoff sums of infinite observables  Galatolo, S; Holland, M; Persson, T; et al.
    9 June 2013Anthropogenic perturbation of the carbon fluxes from land to ocean  Regnier, P; Friedlingstein, P; Ciais, P; et al.
    2013Anti-phase Signature of Flare Generated Transverse Loop Oscillation  White, R.S.; Verwichte, E.; Foullon, Claire
    24 August 2016Anti-windup for a class of partially linearisable non-linear systems with application to wave energy converter control  Lekka, A; Turner, MC; Menon, PP
    19 March 2013The antigenic evolution of influenza: drift or thrift?  Wikramaratna, Paul S.; Sandeman, Michi; Recker, Mario; et al.
    2013The antigenic switching network of Plasmodium falciparum and its implications for the immuno-epidemiology of malaria  Noble, Robert; Christodoulou, Zóe; Kyes, Sue; et al.
    3 March 2011Antigenic variation in Plasmodium falciparum malaria involves a highly structured switching pattern  Recker, M; Buckee, CO; Serazin, A; et al.
    8 October 2013Antiphase Synchronization in a Flagellar-Dominance Mutant of Chlamydomonas  Leptos, KC; Wan, KY; Polin, M; et al.
    2 November 2020Antipyretic medication for a feverish planet  Stoffel, M; Stephenson, DB; Haywood, JM
    26 February 2019Apparent absence of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans in wild urodeles in the United Kingdom  Cunningham, AA; Smith, F; McKinley, TJ; et al.
    23 January 2017Applications of machine learning in animal behaviour studies  Valletta, J; Torney, C; Kings, M; et al.
    2 February 2018Approximate Bayesian Computation and simulation-based inference for complex stochastic epidemic models  McKinley, TJ; Vernon, I; Andrianakis, I; et al.
    1 October 2014AppTCP: The design and evaluation of application-based TCP for e-VLBI in fast long distance networks  Wang, G; Wu, Y; Dou, K; et al.