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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 February 2010Complementary approaches to understanding the plant circadian clock  Akman, OE; Guerriero, ML; Loewe, L; et al.
    1 June 2015Dynamical Systems Modelling of Eye Movements  Abadi, RV; Akman, OE; Clement, RA
    1 August 2012The Input Signal Step Function (ISSF), a standard method to encode input signals in SBML models with software support, applied to circadian clock models  Adams, RR; Tsorman, N; Stratford, K; et al.
    12 February 2008Isoform switching facilitates period control in the Neurospora crassa circadian clock  Akman, OE; Locke, JCW; Tang, S; et al.
    30 July 2013Nested sampling for parameter inference in systems biology: application to an exemplar circadian model.  Aitken, S; Akman, OE
    15 April 2016Nonlinear Dynamics in Gene Regulation Promote Robustness and Evolvability of Gene Expression Levels  Steinacher, A; Bates, DG; Akman, OE; et al.
    24 February 2017Optimisation of an exemplar oculomotor model using multi-objective genetic algorithms executed on a GPU-CPU combination  Avramidis, E; Akman, OE
    2009Probing bottom-up processing with multistable images  Akman, OE; Clement, RA; Broomhead, DS; et al.
    1 October 2019Quantification and Selection of Ictogenic Zones in Epilepsy Surgery  Laiou, P; Avramidis, E; Lopes, MA; et al.
    12 December 2018Reducing the complexity of mathematical models for the plant circadian clock by distributed delays  Tokuda, IT; Akman, OE; Locke, JCW
    17 January 2013SBSI: an extensible distributed software infrastructure for parameter estimation in systems biology.  Adams, R; Clark, A; Yamaguchi, A; et al.
    18 August 2016Ultrasensitive Negative Feedback Control: A Natural Approach for the Design of Synthetic Controllers  Montefusco, F; Akman, OE; Soyer, OS; et al.