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  • Evolutionary trade-offs underlie the multi-faceted virulence of Staphylococcus aureus 

    Laabei, M; Uhlemann, AC; Lowy, FD; Austin, ED; Yokoyama, M; Ouadi, K; Feil, E; Thorpe, HA; Williams, B; Perkins, M; Peacock, SJ; Clarke, SR; Dordel, J; Holden, M; Votintseva, AA; Bowden, R; Crook, DW; Young, BC; Wilson, DJ; Recker, M; Massey, RC (Public Library of Science, 2015)
    Bacterial virulence is a multifaceted trait where the interactions between pathogen and host factors affect the severity and outcome of the infection. Toxin secretion is central to the biology of many bacterial pathogens ...