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  • GLACE: the global land–atmosphere coupling experiment. Part I: overview 

    Koster, Randal D.; Guo, Zhichang; Dirmeyer, Paul A.; Bonan, Gordon; Chan, Edmond; Cox, Peter M.; Davies, Harvey; Gordon, C. T.; Kanae, Shinjiro; Kowalczyk, Eva; Lawrence, David; Liu, Ping; Lu, Cheng-Hsuan; Malyshev, Sergey; McAvaney, Bryant; Mitchell, Ken; Mocko, David; Oki, Taikan; Oleson, Keith W.; Pitman, Andrew; Sud, Y. C.; Taylor, Christopher M.; Verseghy, Diana; Vasic, Ratko; Xue, Yongkang; Yamada, Tomohito (American Meteorological Society, 2006)
    The Global Land–Atmosphere Coupling Experiment (GLACE) is a model intercomparison study focusing on a typically neglected yet critical element of numerical weather and climate modeling: land–atmosphere coupling strength, ...