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  • Blowout bifurcation in a system of coupled chaotic lasers 

    Ashwin, Peter; Terry, John R.; Thornburg, K. Scott; Roy, Rajarshi (American Physical Society, 1998)
    We show that loss of synchronization of two identical coupled chaotic class B lasers can occur via a blowout bifurcation. This occurs when a transverse Lyapunov exponent governing the stability of a synchronized subspace ...
  • Synchronization of chaos in an array of three lasers 

    Terry, John R.; Thornburg, K. Scott; DeShazer, David J.; VanWiggeren, Gregory D.; Zhu, Shiqun; Ashwin, Peter; Roy, Rajarshi (American Physical Society, 1999)
    Synchronization of the chaotic intensity fluctuations of three modulated Nd:YAG lasers oriented in a linear array with either a modulated pump or loss is investigated experimentally, numerically, and analytically. ...