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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 April 2015Occurrence and behavior of monazite-(Ce) and xenotime-(Y) in detrital and saprolitic environments related to the Serra Dourada granite, Goiás/Tocantins State, Brazil: Potential for REE deposits  Santana, IV; Wall, F; Botelho, NF
    8 April 2016On the feasibility of imaging carbonatite-hosted rare earth element (REE) deposits using remote sensing  Neave, DA; Black, M; Riley, TR; et al.
    27 August 2020The origin and composition of carbonatite-derived carbonate-bearing fluorapatite deposits  Broom-Fendley, S; Siegfried, PR; Wall, F; et al.
    9 January 2020Radiation, risk perception and raw material exploration: science communication and social license  Smith, K; Wall, F; Speiser, A
    9 October 2020Rare earth element mobility in and around carbonatites controlled by sodium, potassium and silica  Anenburg, M; Mavrogenes, J; Frigo, C; et al.
    2 December 2020Rare earth elements  Wall, F
    20 April 2017The rare earth elements: demand, global resources, and challenges for resourcing future generations  Goodenough, KM; Wall, F; Merriman, D
    1 December 2017Rare earth mobility as a result of multiple phases of fluid activity in fenite around the Chilwa Island Carbonatite, Malawi  Dowman, E; Wall, F; Treloar, PJ; et al.
    1 October 2016REE minerals at the Songwe Hill carbonatite, Malawi: HREE-enrichment in late-stage apatite  Broom-Fendley, S; Brady, AE; Wall, F; et al.
    9 June 2014Reprint of "Rare earth elements in phoscorites and carbonatites of the Devonian Kola Alkaline Province, Russia: Examples from Kovdor, Khibina, Vuoriyarvi and Turiy Mys complexes"  Zaitsev, AN; Williams, CT; Jeffries, TE; et al.
    10 June 2017Response to ‘Assessing the energy requirements and global warming potential of the production of rare earth elements’  Pell, R; Wall, F; Yan, X; et al.
    1 October 2017Responsible sourcing of critical metals  Wall, F; Rollat, A; Pell, R
    30 March 2017Responsible sourcing of critical metals (abstract)  Wall, F; Pell, R
    2 November 2020Responsible sourcing of rare earths: Exploration-stage intervention including life cycle assessment  Wall, F; Pell, R
    1 February 2016A review of the potential for rare earth element resources from European red muds: examples from Seydişehir, Turkey and Parnassus-Giona, Greece  Deady, EA; Mouchos, E; Goodenough, K; et al.
    22 March 2020Social licence for exploration/mining in Europe is influenced by other georesource projects such as deep and shallow geothermal energy  Speiser, A; Wall, F; Smith, K; et al.
    5 August 2020Socio-economic impacts and sustainability of mining, a case study of the historical tin mining in Singkep Island-Indonesia  Syahrir, R; Wall, F; Diallo, P
    11 December 2019Sulfur-bearing monazite-(Ce) from the Eureka carbonatite, Namibia: oxidation state, substitution mechanism, and formation conditions  Broom-Fendley, S; Smith, M; Andrade, MB; et al.
    2 March 2019Temporally explicit life cycle assessment as an environmental performance decision making tool in rare earth project development  Pell, R; Wall, F; Yan, X; et al.
    3 August 2016Tracing the fluid source of heavy REE mineralisation in carbonatites using a novel method of oxygen-isotope analysis in apatite: The example of Songwe Hill, Malawi  Broom-Fendley, SL; Heaton, T; Wall, F; et al.