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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 March 2020Social licence for exploration/mining in Europe is influenced by other georesource projects such as deep and shallow geothermal energy  Speiser, A; Wall, F; Smith, K; et al.
    5 August 2020Socio-economic impacts and sustainability of mining, a case study of the historical tin mining in Singkep Island-Indonesia  Syahrir, R; Wall, F; Diallo, P
    4 September 2021Soiling on PV performance influenced by weather parameters in Northern Nigeria  Chanchangi, YN; Baig, H; Ghosh, A; et al.
    29 June 2014Solid-phase phosphorus speciation in Saharan Bodélé Depression dusts and source sediments  Hudson-Edwards, KA; Bristow, CS; Cibin, G; et al.
    16 November 2016Solubility of Indium-Tin Oxide in simulated lung and gastric fluids: Pathways for human intake  Andersen, JCO; Cropp, A; Paradise, D
    27 March 2018Sorption and fractionation of rare earth element ions onto nanoscale zerovalent iron particles  Crane, RA; Sapsford, DJ
    1 February 2018Sources of fluids and metals and evolution models of skarn deposits in the Qimantagh metallogenic belt: A case study from the Weibao deposit, East Kunlun Mountains, northern Tibetan Plateau.  Zhong, S; Feng, C; Seltmann, R; et al.
    26 February 2019Southern Greenland glaciation and Western Boundary Undercurrent evolution recorded on Eirik Drift during the late Pliocene intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation  Blake-Mizen, K; Hatfield, R; Stoner, J; et al.
    1 January 2013Spatial variability of ocean waves, from in-situ measurements  Ashton, Ian; Saulnier, J-B; Smith, G.H.
    26 September 2016Speciation and potential long-term behaviour of chromium in urban sediment particulates  Byrne, P; Taylor, KG; Hudson-Edwards, KA; et al.
    1 June 2015Stereoscopic Vision with Reduced Definition in One Eye  Gibson, ADW
    11 December 2019Sulfur-bearing monazite-(Ce) from the Eureka carbonatite, Namibia: oxidation state, substitution mechanism, and formation conditions  Broom-Fendley, S; Smith, M; Andrade, MB; et al.
    1 February 2016Sulphide sinking in magma conduits: Evidence from mafic–ultramafic plugs on Rum and the wider North Atlantic Igneous Province  Hughes, HSR; McDonald, I; Boyce, AJ; et al.
    11 June 2021Sustainability of switch on-switch off (SOSO) mining: Human resource development tailored to technological solutions  Moore, KR; Moradi, S; Doyle, K; et al.
    26 May 2021Switch on-switch off small-scale mining: Environmental performance in a life cycle perspective  Beylot, A; Muller, S; Segura-Salazar, J; et al.
    6 February 2018Synthesis of global satellite observations of magmatic and volcanic deformation: implications for volcano monitoring & the lateral extent of magmatic domains  Ebmeier, SK; Andrews, BJ; Araya, MC; et al.