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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 September 2021Ichnology, sedimentology, and orbital cycles in the hemipelagic Early Jurassic Laurasian Seaway (Pliensbachian, Cardigan Bay Basin, UK)  Pieńkowski, G; Uchman, A; Ninard, K; et al.
    12 February 2018Identification and analysis of large paleo-landslides at Mount Burnaby, British Columbia  Francioni, M; Stead, D; Clague, J; et al.
    2021Igneous and sedimentary ‘limestones’: the puzzling challenge of an easy classification  Stoppa, F; Cirilli, S; Sorci, A; et al.
    25 July 2019Impedance-Balancing Rule for Op-Amps  Gibson, ADW
    16 November 2017Improvements in the integration of remote sensing and rock slope modelling  Francioni, M; Salvini, R; Stead, D; et al.
    1 November 2018In search of the forgotten rare earth  Siegfried, P; Wall, F; Moore, K
    30 August 2017In situ arsenic oxidation and sorption by a Fe-Mn binary oxide waste in soil  McCann, CM; Peacock, CL; Hudson-Edwards, KA; et al.
    3 July 2021In-situ assessment of photovoltaic soiling mitigation techniques in northern Nigeria  Chanchangi, YN; Roy, A; Ghosh, A; et al.
    5 April 2017Incorporating criticality into Life Cycle Assessment for rare earth production  Pell, R; Wall, F; Yan, X
    4 April 2016Incursions of southern-sourced water into the deep North Atlantic during Late Pliocene glacial intensification  Lang, DC; Bailey, I; Wilson, PA; et al.
    27 February 2016Indium mineralisation in SW England: Host parageneses and mineralogical relations  Andersen, J; Stickland, RJ; Rollinson, GK; et al.
    16 February 2016Industrial mining heritage and the legacy of environmental pollution in the Derbyshire Derwent catchment: Quantifying contamination at a regional scale and developing integrated strategies for management of the wider historic environment  Kossoff, D; Hudson-Edwards, KA; Howard, AJ; et al.
    24 August 2014Influence of mineral particle size and choice of suitable parameters for ore sorting using near infrared sensors  Iyakwari, S; Glass, HJ
    19 October 2015Influence of pH and temperature on alunite dissolution: Rates, products and insights on mechanisms from atomistic simulation  Acero, P; Hudson-Edwards, KA; Gale, JD
    16 January 2018Influence of pH and Temperature on Basaluminite Dissolution Rates  Acero, P; Hudson-Edwards, K
    15 November 2018Integrated Object-Based Image Analysis for semi-automated geological lineament detection in Southwest England  Yeomans, CM; Middleton, M; Shail, RK; et al.
    29 May 2018Integrating the theory of sampling into underground mine grade control strategies  Dominy, SC; Glass, HJ; O'Connor, L; et al.
    17 April 2019Integrating the theory of sampling into underground mine grade control strategies: Case studies from gold operations  Dominy, SC; Glass, HJ; O’Connor, L; et al.
    16 August 2018Integration of DSM and SPH to Model Tailings Dam Failure Run-Out Slurry Routing Across 3D Real Terrain  Wang, K; Yang, P; Hudson-Edwards, K; et al.
    1 January 2017Introduction to redox-reactive minerals in natural systems and clean technologies  Ahmed, IAM; Hudson-Edwards, KA