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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 April 2016Lamprophyric dykes in the Bushveld Complex: the lithospheric mantle and its metallogenic bearing on the Bushveld large igneous province  Hughes, HSR; Kinnaird, JA; McDonald, I; et al.
    25 August 2014Late Eocene to middle Miocene (33 to 13 million years ago) vegetation and climate development on the North American Atlantic Coastal Plain (IODP Expedition 313, Site M0027)  Kotthoff, U; Greenwood, DR; McCarthy, FMG; et al.
    4 January 2019Late Paleozoic extensional reactivation of the Rheic–Rhenohercynian suture zone in SW England, the English Channel and Western Approaches  Alexander, AC; Shail, RK; Leveridge, BE
    15 September 2020Late quaternary sea-ice and sedimentary redox conditions in the eastern Bering Sea – Implications for ventilation of the mid-depth North Pacific and an Atlantic-Pacific seesaw mechanism  Detlef, H; Sosdian, SM; Belt, ST; et al.
    1 April 1995Late Variscan structures on the coast between Perranporth and St Ives, Cornwall  Alexander, A.C.; Shail, RK
    1994Late- to post-Variscan extensional tectonics in south Cornwall  Shail, RK; Wilkinson, J.J.
    1 January 1996Late- to post-Variscan structures on the coast between Penzance and Pentewan, south Cornwall  Alexander, A.C.; Shail, RK
    22 November 2017Latest Permian carbonate carbon isotope variability traces heterogeneous organic carbon accumulation and authigenic carbonate formation  Schobben, M; van de Velde, S; Gliwa, J; et al.
    11 February 2016Leaching behaviour and the solution consumption of uranium-vanadium ore in alkali carbonate–bicarbonate column leaching  Ghorbani, Y; Montenegro, M.R.
    18 August 2020Legacy iron and steel wastes in the UK: Extent, resource potential, and management futures  Riley, AL; MacDonald, JM; Burke, IT; et al.
    27 August 2020Lessons from a high-CO2 world: an ocean view from ∼ 3 million years ago  McClymont, EL; Ford, HL; Ho, SL; et al.
    9 October 2020Liberating microfossils from indurated carbonates: comparison of three disaggregation methods  Beasley, C; Parvaz, DB; Cotton, L; et al.
    2012Lifecycle fatigue load spectrum estimation for mooring lines of a floating marine energy converter  Thies, Philipp R.; Johanning, Lars; Smith, George H.
    1 March 2012Loop Antennas v. Ferrite Rods: A Case Study  Gibson, ADW
    1999Low-cost Implementation of a Speech Compression System  Gibson, D.
    27 August 2021Low-cost internet of things (IoT) for monitoring and optimising mining small-scale trucks and surface mining shovels  Aguirre-Jofré, H; Eyre, M; Valerio, S; et al.
    4 November 2020Low-cost leaky feeder communication for mines rescue  Bedford, MD; Rodriguez, AJA; Foster, PJ
    15 August 2019LREE redistribution during hydrothermal alteration at the Okorusu carbonatite complex, Namibia  Cangelosi, D; Broom-Fendley, S; Banks, D; et al.