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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 June 2016Application of discrete fracture networks (DFN) in the stability analysis of Delabole Slate Quarry, Cornwall, UK  Havaej, M; Stead, D; Coggan, JS; et al.
    22 August 2019Application of Remote Sensing Data for Evaluation of Rockfall Potential within a Quarry Slope  Robiati, C; Eyre, M; Vanneschi, C; et al.
    22 January 2014Application of RQD-Number and RQD-Volume multifractal modelling to delineate rock mass characterisation in Kahang Cu-Mo porphyry deposit, central Iran.  Yasrebi, AB; Wetherelt, A; Foster, PJ; et al.
    13 November 2014Characterization of harbor sediments from the English Channel: assessment of heavy metal enrichment, biological effect and mobility  Hamdoun, H; Van Veen, E; Basset, B; et al.
    21 June 2017Characterization of Rock Fracturing for Vertical Boreability  Tonkins, MC; Coggan, JS
    28 April 2020Evaluation of the Use of UAV Photogrammetry for Rock Discontinuity Roughness Characterization  Salvini, R; Vanneschi, C; Coggan, JS; et al.
    11 May 2019Investigation and modeling of direct toppling using a three-dimensional distinct element approach with incorporation of point cloud geometry  Vanneschi, C; Eyre, M; Venn, A; et al.
    6 August 2018Investigation of landslide failure mechanisms adjacent to lignite mining operations in North Bohemia (Czech Republic) through a limit equilibrium/finite element modelling approach  Vanneschi, C; Eyre, M; Burda, J; et al.
    2 July 2019A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of Large Rock Avalanches Combining Remote Sensing, GIS and Field Surveys: The Case of the Scanno Landslide, Italy  Francioni, M; Calamita, F; Coggan, JS; et al.
    1 July 2016A multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach for the study and monitoring of rocky coastlines  Francioni, M; Coggan, JS; Eyre, M; et al.
    1 August 2014Negotiation of poor ground in an undersea tunnel  Coggan, JS; Yelland, RS
    19 June 2016Trace element mobility in a polluted marine sediment after stabilisation with hydraulic binders  L. Saussaye; H. Hamdoun; L. Leleyter; et al.