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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 April 2015The influence of calcium, sodium and bicarbonate on the uptake of uranium onto nanoscale zero-valent iron particles  Crane, RA; Pullin, H; Scott, TB
    6 April 2018The Influence of Syndepositional Macropores on the Hydraulic Integrity of Thick Alluvial Clay Aquitards  Timms, WA; Acworth, RI; Crane, RA; et al.
    7 October 2014Nanoscale zero-valent iron particles for the remediation of plutonium and uranium contaminated solutions  Crane, RA; Dickinson, M; Scott, TB
    16 November 2016Physicochemical composition of wastes and co-located environmental designations at legacy mine sites in the south west of England and Wales: Implications for their resource potential  Crane, RA; Sinnett, DE; Cleall, PJ; et al.
    18 December 2017Selective formation of copper nanoparticles from acid mine drainage using nanoscale zerovalent iron particles  Crane, RA; Sapsford, DJ
    27 March 2018Sorption and fractionation of rare earth element ions onto nanoscale zerovalent iron particles  Crane, RA; Sapsford, DJ
    25 September 2015Technical Note: The use of an interrupted-flow centrifugation method to characterise preferential flow in low permeability media  Crane, RA; Cuthbert, MO; Timms, W
    3 September 2018Towards greener lixiviants in value recovery from mine wastes: Efficacy of organic acids for the dissolution of copper and arsenic from legacy mine tailings  Crane, RA; Sapsford, D
    7 March 2018Towards “Precision Mining” of wastewater: Selective recovery of Cu from acid mine drainage onto diatomite supported nanoscale zerovalent iron particles  Crane, RA; Sapsford, D