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  • Geochemical and mineralogical record of the impact of mining on the Teign Estuary, Devon, UK 

    Simons, B.; Pirrie, D.; Rollinson, G.K.; Shail, R.K. (The Ussher Society, 2011)
    Previous mineralogical and geochemical studies on the sediments in the Teign Estuary, Devon, UK, have shown that there are elevated levels of barium present within the surface sediments and the river catchment due to ...
  • The Godrevy dog; Early canine or lost pet ? 

    Crisp, G.; Pirrie, D.; Shail, R.K.; Sabin, R.C. (USSHER SOC, 2001-02)
    During sampling of the late Devensian St. Loy Member of the Penwith Formation at Godrevy, Cornwall, several ribs and vertebrae were discovered within the cliff face. The visible bones appeared in context with the surrounding ...