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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011Cornesti-Iarcuri - a Bronze Age town in the Romanian Banat?  Harding, Anthony; Szenkmiklosi, A.; Heeb, B.; et al.
    2011Evidence for Prehistoric Salt Extraction Rediscovered in the Hungarian Central Mining Museum  Harding, Anthony; Szemán, Attila
    1 June 2010Living on the lake in the Iron Age: new results from aerial photographs, geophysical survey and dendrochronology on sites of Biskupin type  Harding, Anthony; Rączkowski, Włodzimierz
    2014Morgawr: an experimental Bronze Age-type sewn-plank craft based on the Ferriby boats  Van de Noort, Robert; Cumby, Brian; Blue, Lucy; et al.