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  • Gristhorpe Man: an Early Bronze Age log-coffin burial scientifically defined 

    Melton, Nigel; Montgomery, Janet; Knüsel, Christopher J.; Batt, Catherine M.; Needham, Stuart; Pearson, Mike Parker; Sheridan, Alison; Heron, Carl; Horsley, Tim; Schmidt, Armin; Evans, Adrian; Carter, Elizabeth; Edwards, Howell; Hargreaves, Michael; Janaway, Rob; Lynnerup, Niels; Northover, Peter; O'Connor, Sonia; Ogden, Alan; Taylor, Timothy; Wastling, Vaughan; Wilson, Andrew (Antiquity Publications, 2010-09)
    A log-coffin excavated in the early nineteenth century proved to be well enough preserved in the early twenty-first century for the fill armoury of modern scientific investigation to give its occupants and contents new ...