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  • The first horse herders and the impact of early Bronze Age steppe expansions into Asia 

    Damgaard, PDB; Martiniano, R; Kamm, J; Moreno-Mayar, JV; Kroonen, G; Peyrot, M; Barjamovic,G; Rasmussen, S; Zacho, C; Baimukhanov, N; Zaibert, V; Merz, V; Biddanda, A; Merz, I; Loman, V; Evdokimov, V; Usmanova, E; Hemphill, B; Seguin-Orlando, A; Yediay, FE; Ullah, I; Sjögren, K-G; Iversen, KH; Choin, J; de la Fuente, C; Ilardo, M; Schroeder, H; Moiseyev, V; Gromov, A; Polyakov, A; Omura, S; Senyurt, SY; Ahmad, H; McKenzie, C; Margaryan, A; Hameed, A; Samad, A; Gul, N; Khokhar, MH; Goriunova, OI; Bazaliiskii, VI; Novembre, J; Weber, AW; Orlando, L; Allentoft, ME; Nielsen, R; Kristiansen, K; Sikora, M; Outram, AK; Durbin, R; Willerslev, E (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018-05-09)
    The Yamnaya expansions from the western steppe into Europe and Asia during the Early Bronze Age (~3000 BCE) are believed to have brought with them Indo-European languages and possibly horse husbandry. We analyze 74 ancient ...