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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 December 2016Knowledge co-production and behavioural change: collaborative approaches for promoting sustainable mobility  Barr, SW; Shaw, G
    1 March 2014Learning how to behave in school: a study of the experiences of children and young people with socio-emotional differences  Bowlby, S; Lea, J; Holt, L
    6 August 2018Making livelihoods within communities of practice: The place of guild organisations in the craft sector  Thomas, NJ; Jakob, D
    2010Material Geographies  Cook, Ian; Tolia Kelly, Divya
    11 June 2018mHealth Geographies: Mobile Technologies and Health in the Global South  Cinnamon, J; Ronquillo, C
    22 March 2018Modernity, crafts and guilded practices: locating the historical geographies of 20th century craft organisations  Thomas, NJ
    2005Newgrange, heritage and the Irish nation: two moments of transformation  Harvey, David
    14 June 2018Non-representational theory and health geographies  Lea, J
    16 March 2018Order and the offshore: the territories of deepwater oil production  Phillips, J
    1 April 2019Organising  Wills, J
    1 June 2016Peatlands and Climate Change  Gallego-Sala, Angela V.; Booth, RK; Charman, Dan J.; et al.
    1 May 2015Politics and the resilience of ecosystem services  Schoon, ML; Brown, K; Robards, MD; et al.
    1 April 2017Postpreservation: looking past loss  DeSilvey, CO
    20 February 2018Problematising inner-life spiritualities: subjective experiences, enduring moods and present-moment attention in everyday spiritual practices  Lea, J; Philo, C; Cadman, L
    1 April 2014Reconfiguring wild spaces: the porous boundaries of wild animal geographies  Buller, HJ
    1 January 2018Resilience and wellbeing for sustainability  Szaboova, L; Brown, K; Chaigneau, T; et al.
    27 June 2016Sensory biopolitics: Knowing birds and a politics of life  Hinchliffe, SJ
    16 June 2016Spaces and Places: Engaging a Mixed-Methods Approach for Exploring the Multiple Geographies of Pedestrian Injury  Cinnamon, J; Sui, DZ
    26 September 2017Spatial rationalities and the possibilities for planing in the New Urban Agenda for Sustainable Development  Barnett, C; Parnell, S
    2 May 2016Stories of Movement and Memories of Place: Rural Youth Identity Formation  Leyshon, M