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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 March 1997The ancient Greek address system and some proposed sociolinguistic universals  Dickey, Eleanor
    2015The community of the Hellenes  Mitchell, Lynette G.
    2010The creation of Latin teaching materials in antiquity: A re-interpretation of P.Sorb. inv. 2069  Dickey, Eleanor
    2010The End of Roman Gold Coinage and the Disintegration of a Monetary Area  Carla', F
    2010The game of the name: onymity and the contract of reading in Lucian.  Ni Mheallaigh, K
    1 December 2004The Greek address system of the Roman period and its relationship to Latin  Dickey, Eleanor
    2016The hilltop enclosure on Cluny Hill, Forres: description, destruction, disappearance  Isaksen, L
    2015The labyrinthine ways of myth reception: Cretan myths in theme park rides  Carlà, Filippo; Freitag, Florian
    2017The legend of Seleucus  Ogden, Daniel
    2014The Lucanians: A history of the 4th century dynamism through archaeology  Isayev, Elena
    8 February 2019The Melian Dilemma: Remaking Thucydides  Morley, NDG
    2019The Modernity of Thucydides  Morley, NDG
    30 April 2015The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Volume LXXX  Hirt, M; Leith, D; Henry, WB
    8 August 2016The Pleiades Gazetteer and the Pelagios Project  Simon, R; Isaksen, L; Barker, ETE; et al.
    2017The poetics and politics of exchange in Roman agronomy  Morley, NDG
    12 October 2016The Sociolinguistics of Gender, Social Status and Masculinity in Aristophanes  McDonald, K
    1 December 2015tamquam figmentum hominis: Ammianus, Constantius II and the portrayal of imperial ritual  Flower, Richard
    3 December 2015Telling stories with maps: digital experiments with Herodotean geography  Isaksen, L; Barker, ETE; R Ogden, J
    30 April 2013There is nothing funny about Humours: The origins of the humoral theory in Hippocratic Medicine  Stewart, Keith
    2015The three constitutions in Greek political thought  Mitchell, Lynette G.