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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 January 2020Choose Your Own Counterfactual: the Melian Dialogue as text-based adventure  Morley, NDG
    13 February 2017Citizens and serpents in Classical Athens  Ogden, D
    2015The community of the Hellenes  Mitchell, Lynette G.
    13 December 2015A Companion to Roman Art  Borg, BE
    2014A Companion to the Latin Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Metaphysics  Amerini, F; Galluzzo, Gabriele
    17 July 2018Comparativism then and now  Short, WM; Bettini, M
    22 December 2020The Concept of Pneuma after Aristotle  Coughlin, S; Leith, D; Lewis, O
    30 September 2017Counterfactualism and Anticipation  Morley, NDG
    2010The creation of Latin teaching materials in antiquity: A re-interpretation of P.Sorb. inv. 2069  Dickey, Eleanor
    1 January 2019Cultura locale e orizzonte mediterraneo: la pittura funeraria della Tracia tra l'età tardo-classica e la prima età ellenistica  Manetta, C
    2 June 2011De-Placing Future Memory project data  Isayev, Elena
    7 December 2019Defining Rome's Pantheum  Siwicki, CS
    27 September 2017Destory History: first response  Morley, NDG
    6 April 2020Does religion matter? Life, death, and interaction in the Roman suburbium  Borg, BE
    26 April 2018Dragonscapes and Dread  Ogden, D
    20 November 2020Drinking the hemlock: Socrates and free speech  Morley, N
    6 August 2019Education and literacy in ancient Italy: Evidence from the dedications to the goddess Reitia  McDonald, K
    2014Ein Sklavenaufstand in Syrakus (414 v.Chr.)  Carlà, Filippo
    18 September 2015Elements and uniform parts in early Alexandrian medicine  Leith, DB
    9 November 2018Embodied, Embedded and Distributed Cognition in Roman Technical Practice  Short, WM