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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2008The Bridgwater Infant Welfare Centre, 1922-1939: from an authoritarian concern with 'welfare mothers' to a more inclusive community health project?  Dale, Pamela
    1 December 2013British imperial expansion and the transformation of violence at sea, 1600-1850: introduction  Blakemore, Richard J.
    1 August 1998British naval intelligence and Bonaparte's Egyptian expedition of 1798  Duffy, Michael
    5 February 2018Building a better world? Construction, labour mobility and the pursuit of collective self-reliance in the ‘global South’, 1950–1990  Spaskovska, L
    2019The Burden of Risk: Early Modern Maritime Enterprise and Varieties of Capitalism  Fusaro, M
    2010Burying the 'refuse revolution': the rise of controlled tipping in Britain 1920-1960  Cooper, Timothy
    18 October 2017Buying for Britain, China or India? Patriotic trade, ethnicity and market in the 1930s British Empire/ Commonwealth  Thackeray, DA
    2 February 2018'Care under pressure': A realist review of interventions to tackle doctors' mental ill-health and its impacts on the clinical workforce and patient care.  Carrieri, D; Briscoe, S; Jackson, M; et al.
    2011Carl Linnaeus and the Visual Representation of Nature  Charmantier, I
    2 June 2014Carl Linnaeus's botanical paper slips (1767–1773)  Charmantier, I; Müller-Wille, S
    1997The case for a West Saxon minuscule  Crick, Julia
    19 July 2007Challenging the 'refuse revolution': war, waste and the rediscovery of recycling, 1900–50  Cooper, Timothy
    22 June 2018Changing narratives of race and environment in the Nineteenth-Century and early-Twentieth-Century Brazilian Amazon  Espelt-Bombin, S; Harris, M
    21 July 2017The “Children of Crisis”: Making Sense of (Post)socialism and the End of Yugoslavia  Spaskovska, L
    17 October 2017'Choreographed by the angels'? Ireland and the centenary of the First World War  Pennell, CL
    2004Churchill and Britain's 'Financial Dunkirk'  Toye, Richard
    1 March 2013The Civil War’s forgotten transatlantic tariff debate and the Confederacy’s free trade diplomacy  Palen, Marc-William
    19 November 2016Climate change and health  Thomas, F
    2009The Communist Party and the New Party  Thorpe, Andrew
    1 May 2007Communities, families and migration: some evidence from Cornwall  Deacon, Bernard